We’re always trying to improve, so we anonymously survey all participants who take part in our program. Clients have included businesses in software development, law, insurance, regional municipalities and provincial health. Here are the results to date:

Employee Health and Wellness (and your bottom line):

71% of RunningWell clients surveyed said they achieved their running or walking goal as part of the program.
82% felt extremely or very supported by their coach.
67% reported increased general fitness.
37% reported reduced stress.
24% reported successful weight loss.
47% reported increased self confidence from achieving a goal.
17% reported improved sleep.
13% reported improved eating habits.
38% reported increased energy and stamina throughout the day.
29% reported improved general mood and positive outlook.
16% reported improved relationships (at work and at home).

Team Building:

58% of participants felt motivated by their colleagues who were taking part alongside them.
62% felt motivated to do their workouts so they could collect points for their team.
48% felt encouraged and motivated to complete their goal event because they were part of their company team.

Going Forward:

The benefits don’t stop when the program ends. 55% of participants walked or ran regularly before the program. 89% planned to continue to walk or run regularly after the program using the patterns, knowledge, confidence and tools they had gained.

83% of participants said they would like to take part in a RunningWell program again.

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