“We were thrilled to have Seanna work with our organization this fall. She designed walking and running programs, delivered health education seminars, created weekly video clinics and coached the beginner running groups, all with enthusiasm and professionalism. The runners loved her – they said that she was positive, supportive and knowledgeable and they felt that they couldn’t have done it without her!”
Wellness program manager - Health Research Organization
Seanna provided a training schedule that with my first glance looked overwhelming. I realized I was going to have to take this one day at a time. Seanna was great at keeping us informed and sending encouraging videos. Runners, it seems, are passionate about their lifestyle and want to share that energy.

Seanna had great timing. In week nine she somehow knew that some of us may not be following the plan so she came for a lunch time clinic with us. She said that we could still make it to our goal, even if we had fallen out of training. With her energy and enthusiasm, I believed. Seanna is a great coach who knew the stuggles that we would face and encouraged us to keep going. I’ve always enjoyed trying new things and I’m so glad to have friends and family that encourage me.

Jennifer McNicol - Participant in her company's Wellness Challenge with RunningWell
We are fortunate to have a very active office, with colleagues who participate in a variety of physical endeavors. The addition of the RunningWell program over the summer months provided our team with a goal, one that we could push each other to achieve. We kick-stared RunningWell in September and by November we completed The 17.5 k Fat Ass Trail Run.

Seanna, was invaluable over the nine weeks of training. The program is broken down into manageable weekly goals for the busy professional. From the customized training programs with the prescribed mileage and workouts to the Friday afternoon videos on topics such as nutrition and proper running form, the well constructed program helped us achieve our goal, and have fun while doing it.

Seanna, on behalf of the team at ExperiencePoint, thank you for your guidance, coaching and overall awesome program.

Alison Peden - ExperiencePoint Inc.
“Just a note to you – and I have to thank-you for working with [our company] on this great initiative!
I was a runner as a child and always participated in sports. As I got older it seemed to drop and I did get back into fitness but really thought my running days were over. Last year our team started the “walk to run” program that you guided us through and we successfully finished, 3 5K races and our goal race in September of 8K!! We continued to run all winter – even in the minus 16 temps and I think we are better for it!! Last night we went for a beautiful run in the trails at 16 mile creek and I feel so blessed that I can do it, and I actually feel great after a run!
Thanks again for your emails that encourages us to keep fit and also your tips on stretching, core exercises and ensuring we don’t get hurt!!”
Participant in her company's Wellness Challenge - 2015
I completed Seanna’s customized running program a few years ago. She got me from couch to 5km in less than two months! As fulfilling as it was, it didn’t convert me into a full time runner. That said, I frequently return to running, and when I do, I reference the program Seanna created for me, always with amazing results! Her enthusiasm and patience really guided me through and gave me the knowledge and confidence required!
Marci O'Connor - subject for article in Today's Parent magazine
“I had run a couple of marathons and was never too happy with my times. I was doing well at shorter distances, but I struggled with my endurance in the big race. Seanna developed a custom program for me that really focused on developing my weaknesses. The program kept my interest, and Seanna’s constant engagement was quite motivating. When it came to race day, I felt strong and confident that I would do well. As it turned out, I beat my PB by over 20 minutes. I couldn’t have done it without Seanna’s customized program!”
Brad Amato
Several years ago, I had recently quit smoking after decades of indulging the habit. Seanna suggested that I take up running to improve my lungs and general health. I demurred, as I had always disliked running, even half a block to catch a bus, but she was insistent. Despite my age (early sixties) I agreed to give it a try. Seanna wrote a program for me, which I started to follow in July, and she gave me a goal: complete the 5k Run-for-the-Cure in October. Much to my surprise, I started to actually enjoy it fairly soon after starting, and much to my amazement I completed the run in under thirty minutes. But it wasn’t that victory which was the real prize. It was the improvement in my overall health and energy that made it all worthwhile. Admittedly, Seanna is my daughter – I don’t think anyone else could have talked me into it. But if she could give someone like me such an easy-to-follow beneficial program, I believe she can do it for anyone.
Nancy Robinson
Seanna is very passionate about running and even more so about making sure that the person she is coaching or building a training program for will succeed. She helped design a very detailed training program based on my needs and around all of my other activities.
Nathalie Guimond – Sports enthusiast and buyer at SportingLife
If you are looking for a running coach to design a training program to enable you to meet your running goals, and to inspire you to push yourself just a little bit further than you thought you could, then look no further. Seanna Robinson walks the talk and makes you believe anything is possible. I signed up for a Round The Bay 30K clinic sponsored by Energia Athletics and coached by Seanna. Despite having been a runner for years, I found there were still things to learn, and the class was a lot of fun. Best of all, on race day I found that was well-prepared both physically and mentally, and I was able to turn in a Personal Best for Round The Bay. Thank you, Seanna!
Rob Halupka – long-time avid runner

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