Adhering to a regular running or walking routine has been linked to weight loss, improved heart health, reduced of effects from diabetes, lessened effects of asthma, increased bone density, improved sleep, a stronger immune system and improved mental health.


Programs range from beginners (walk 5K) to more experienced runners. Programs appeal to young and aging employees at the same time.


Many performance driven corporate types take immediately to running/walking programs, which are geared towards measurable, personalized goals.


Programs are designed to be completed on the participant’s schedule, and weekly video seminars can be viewed on their own at any time.

Team Building

Employees of all fitness levels and from a range of departments within participating companies will be encouraged to participate in an event at the conclusion of the program. Employees can train together and support one another towards their goals.

High Quality

An expert coach from RunningWell will provide information on a range of running and wellness topics as chosen by employees.

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