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Running to keep up (with my kids!)

I’ve heard people use the phrase “I workout so I can keep up with my kids.” I’ve always thought those were thoughts for older parents or really unfit people. As a competitive runner and enthusiast of many sports, I have never worried about being able to keep up with my kids. In fact it’s the […]

Sometimes you just need a medal

I’d been having what you’d call “A DAY”. Just trudging forward all day, through many chores, tasks, and obligations – expected but unrecognized. It had started at 5 a.m. with a running workout (yay! The only thing for me and which energized me for the first bit of the day) but once in the door […]

Celebrating runners in all our differences

I’ve always said that I like and understand other runners because they tend to be “quirky” in ways that I am too. It’s hard to explain to a non-runner why you run almost every day. Waking up before dawn or heading out in the dark after the kids have gone to bed. Never missing a […]

The trouble with racing ‘only’ 5K’s

There are many things I love about racing ‘shorter’ distances like 5K’s, 8K’s and 10K’s. I say ‘shorter’ because it seems everyone these days is training for a marathon or half marathon (not to mention those training for Half and full Ironmans!) These longer races are all amazing events and admirable goals to train for. […]

Drivers and runners – a wake up call

As a general rule, I tend to avoid confrontation. I don’t enjoy being in altercations with people and I find there is little to gain by engaging people who seem to be ready for a fight at any moment. I have no ego involved in protecting my views and am generally completely fine with walking […]


When I was being introduced to and learning about surfing in the ’90’s, I remember asking my boyfriend (now husband) about a particular surfer. I may have asked “is she good?” His answer was “she charges.” That was pretty much the biggest compliment you could give a surfer. “She charges” means she doesn’t hesitate, she […]

The sad reality for kids of runners

I feel badly for them sometimes, I do. They didn’t ask to be the kids of a runner. It’s not their fault their mom runs every day – sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes hills, sometimes on a treadmill, sometimes long, sometimes short. Every day I run. That, they are fine with. It’s been part of […]