April 28, 2020 – Laughter

Hi Everyone!


Hope you’re all enjoying the ever so gradually warming weather and managing to avoid the midge clouds as well as you can.


What I’ve been thinking about this week is the importance of humour and laughter and being able to keep things light. Not all the time, obviously, but recently I’ve noticed that when I have the opportunity to laugh, I have found myself really appreciating and feeling rejuvenated by it. Also laughter has been proven to be good for you immune system.


What does this have to do with running? Not a ton, other than a reminder to keep it light and not to take ourselves too seriously. I thought this would be a good time to share funny running stories. I couldn’t think of a good one for me, so with my husband Dan’s blessing, I will share one of his.


Back when Dan was on the Queen’s track/x-country teams, it was a thing among the guys that when they went drinking someone might randomly yell “NAKED RUN!” and then they all had to strip down into nothing but their racing flats and race a pre-determined route. They just enjoyed running fast and naked in a pack – maybe it was something deeply rooted in their DNA that harkened back to chasing prey on the savannah. Or maybe they were just celebrating being fit and fast and in their 20’s – I’m not sure why the naked part had to be there – maybe it’s a guy thing. Also, everything always involved competition and bragging rights, so it was important to win these races.


One evening the event was announced, and they all enthusiastically stripped down and raced out the door along the “course”. Among the distance squad everyone had their specialties. Some were better on hilly cross-country courses, some were 800 meter runners, some were great with racing tactics and a finishing kick. So these races really could be anyone’s – depending on the course. But tonight was Dan’s night. He took the lead from the start and held on. He weaved through the student ghetto along the prescribed course, feeling the rest of the pack fall behind. But suddenly he felt a little too alone. He stopped and looked back. There was no pack behind him. He was standing all alone, naked except for racing shoes, in the middle of the student neighbourhood. That was when he heard a girl’s voice from a house right beside him: “Hey! That’s Dan Michaluk!” It was a house party. They all turned to take in the sight of the lone naked man in the middle of the street. He could do nothing but turn and run away into the night, mooning them the whole way.


To this day Dan swears that he got the course right and everyone else cheated because he was winning. The other guys say he took a wrong turn. I don’t think we’ll ever know. We’ll just have the memory of that image seared in our brains.


Maybe unsurprisingly there are many more Naked Run stories. I don’t think the guys ever really learned. Anyway, hopefully that’s a smile for the day for you. I’d love to hear other peoples’ funny running stories!

Here are some workout options for this week:


  1. 2 sets of 5min-4min-3min with 1:30 rest and 4 btw sets             Plus 4-5 strides
  2. Run w lots of hills. Instead of just doing hill repeats, find a hilly route and throw in as many hills as you can. A good one is “threading” your way east or west in the Beach between Queen St and Kingston Rd. No need to worry about pace or timing – just get lots of great strength building hills in
  3. 2-3K w-up and c-dn with 8-10 x 100m strides (I think one or two ppl did this last week – if not it’s still on the menu for you)
  4. Tempo: 3 x 8 min w 2 min easy


Have fun!