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Free energy

Hi Everyone!   We’ve got a full week of beautiful looking running temps coming up here in TO. Wohoo! For me, we’re in that perfect “not too hot, not too cold” sweet spot, and I’m loving it!   As I’d mentioned in my previous email, I am doing some track work in preparation for a […]

Mixing it up

Hey Everyone!   Hope you all had a great long weekend. In races we had Brianna (2nd overall!), Jen and Ingrid all running the Toronto Women’s 5K! Way to get out there crew. As we all know, this is not a fast course but it is always a great event.   I was up north […]

Celebrating and Negative Visualization

Hey Everyone!   Hope everyone this group had a wonderful Mother’s Day and celebrated or were celebrated. It was a gorgeous weekend for running (we deserve this), and a number of us celebrated with the Sporting Life 10K! Pearce (PB!), Ingrid (PB!), Elese (PB!), Jen and Myself! Thanks to all who came out and cheered […]

Racing and Growing

Hey Everyone!   Huge congrats to everyone who raced this weekend! In the Georgina marathon Jason ran the full (BQ and PB) and Andrew McKay(training/comeback run) and Nir ran the Half. In Vancouver Miguel ran the marathon with a solid BQ, and here in Toronto, Amy (BQ and PB!), Adam (BQ), Jon McRea (BQ), Dave […]

Results and process

Hey Everyone!   First up, huge congrats to Julia Costanza who ran the Big Sur Marathon! Looks like a gorgeous but quad blasting course. I’ll put that one on my bucket list. And to Cindy (PB!), Kerry and Carol who ran the Mississauga Half! Also from what I hear, a twisty, hilly course, with most […]

Training vs Running

Hi Gang!   Huge congrats to the power couple of Andrew Higgs and Roz Salter who ran the London Marathon and both came away with PB’s! For these two, crushing a marathon overseas in the rain was their “vacation” together. Lol. We get it. And for those who are fans of the sport, Sifan Hassan […]

Celebrating runners

Hey All!   Holy what a weekend. For those who don’t know, it was the Boston Marathon!!! I hadn’t been here since around 2002. I’ve been missing out! From our crew, running the marathon we had: Shauna, Annick, Laura, Meagan, Lara, Amanda, Steph, Jordan, Bob. And they all ran with heart and grit and made […]

Gratitude and effort

Hi Everyone!   I’m sure you’ve all been appreciating the glorious sunshine and warmer temps. THIS is why we go through winter – to be able to fully and collectively appreciate the emerging sights, smells, sounds and sensations of Spring!   That brings me to what I’ve been thinking about – Gratitude. Sometimes, like when […]

The best we can

Hi Everyone!   I don’t think we had anyone from this crew racing the Spring Run Off or Spring Sprint this past weekend. On that note, I really encourage mid-season races as part of your training. There’s fit, and then there’s remembering how to race. It takes a few races sometimes to get that feeling […]

Training and values

Hey Gang!   I think I’ve already said we were getting close to Spring, but guess what – now it’s officially Spring!!! There are already noticeably longer days. Running in the sun makes for much more enjoyable running. So enjoy!   A few weeks ago I wrote about racing according to our values. This week […]