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I am …

Hi Gang!   There were no races this past weekend. Everyone I can see is just putting their heads down and training hard. Way to go – this is what we love to do!   I told a few of you this story the other day. I went to the dentist, and as usual, admitted […]

Growth in pursuing goals

Hi Everyone!   Don’t think anyone raced last week. There are some more fun summer races coming up if you want a little supported tempo, fitness check-in, or fun community event. Locally we have: the Don’t Trip Rail Path Mile Aug 25th, Achilles 5K Aug 26th, Toronto Women’s 5K/10K Aug 26th, TrackSmith 5000 Sept 9th, […]

Motivation vs Discipline

Hi Everyone!   First up, huge congrats to those who ran the TrackSmith 5K on Thursday eve – amidst a huge thunderstorm! We had Karen, Brianna, Jordan (PB!) and Kai Tai. It’s not easy doing something new and way out of your comfort zone – an evening track race – and this crew all gulped, […]

Listening to our bodies

Hi Gang!   Happy August! I know we’ve had some hot days, but try to savour being able to step out of your house without having the additional barrier of overcoming the cold. Seriously, that occurred to me the other day. You know when you have to psych yourself up for a run, not for […]


Hi Everyone!   Hope you’re all having a great week. First up, huge congrats to our triathletes who competed in the Toronto Triathlon Festival on Sunday! Tanis and Carolyn both came 2nd in their age groups and qualified to go to World’s in Spain! (TBD if they go, but so cool to qualify). Shauna Carpenter […]


Hi Gang!   No race results from this past weekend, but good luck to all those competing at TTF this weekend! Go get it!   Many people are ramping it up and starting to work hard now in preparation for fall goals. I’m loving the energy. What I’ve been thinking about recently along these lines […]

Running Economy

Hi Gang!   Huge congrats to all the triathletes in this group who crushed it in the Muskoka Half IM and the Musselman Half IM! Madalyn, Eleanor, Carolyn and Jason. Mad respect – y’all are awesome!   I’m reading another book about running. Funny how after being a nerd about something for over 30 years […]

Exploring your pain cave

Hi Everyone!   Happy Summer! School’s out, and the heat is on. If you happen to enjoy a little less structure over the summer months, just remember that it’s still a good idea to get your runs in early if you want them to be quality. The heat has a real impact on your perceived […]

Good ol’ days

Hi Everyone!   Shout out to everyone who came out to cheer and run the Longest Day Ekiden last Tuesday! And I believe we had a bunch who ran/celebrated the Pride 5K. I won’t call out names bc it’s too many, but way to get out there everyone!   I’ve been thinking about this. How […]

Fun times!

Hi Gang!   Congrats to everyone who raced the Waterfront 10K on Saturday! We had Colette, Miguel and Jason racing it. I wasn’t running but was volunteering and even so was once again reminded: man, 10K’s are hard. Great job crew!   Happy Solstice everyone!!!! Longest day of the year. Enjoy having so much daylight […]