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Hi Everyone!   It’s been so great seeing so many of you out doing a multitude of activities. And I hope everyone is getting in some good Olympics watching! I am loving it.   What I’ve been thinking about this week is the ability to ask for what we want or need. I think many […]

Magic Bullets

Hi Everyone!   Hope you’re all managing to stay cool and drinking lots of water (dehydration can sneak up on you when you’re going from heat to air conditioning). Also, let’s just stay aware of this smog that is hanging over the city – it is particulates from forest fires, so if you’re feeling any […]


Hi Gang!   Many of us are getting into the groove of summer training. We have fall goals on the horizon and are excited to work towards them. This is what we love! Big goals with plans filled with hard work and fun in order to get us there.   As we start out and […]

Make the hard things easier

Hi Everyone!   I can’t tell you how great it’s been to see faces to work out live with again – for running and boot camps in the park! I’m loving it.   What I’ve been thinking about this week is about making hard things easier. Sometimes, once we’ve gotten our heads around doing something […]

Happy Summer :)

Hey All!     Happy Summer!!!   On many of my runs and walks this week I’ve noticed so many people out enjoying each others’ company, playing tennis, splashing in pools, playing basketball, walking, running, just enjoying life. And it makes me so happy. I feel welcomed back into our outdoor spaces – washrooms are […]

The Art of Showing Up

Hey Everyone!!!   First up, if you’re looking for some jolts of inspiration, motivation and just pure entertainment, I hope you’re following the US Olympic track qualifiers happening now, and this weekend we have the Canadian trials coming up! So fun.   What I’ve been thinking about this week is the art of showing up. […]

What are you measuring?

Hey Crew!   What I’ve been thinking about this week is about being deliberate about knowing what we’re measuring and why. I think we all get in a trap of thinking certain measurements mean more than they do. Mileage, for example. We count it, track it, try to boost it. But that might not be […]

Zooming back in

Hi Everyone!   As we do every year, we’re going through that uncomfortable feeling of adapting to the heat again. Feel free to reference one of my past posts on heat training but just remember these facts: it feels hard for a reason (it is harder until you adapt) and you will adapt and become […]

Turning Down the Noise

Hi Everyone!    Can’t say this often, but I feel like we’re looking at some perfect running weather ahead. Enjoy!  I feel like a big part of my role as a coach is to keep people doing what they love so that it brings them happiness and self-fulfillment. Two things about that: 1 – that […]


Hi All!   I’m feeling exciting times coming up. Things are opening, people are getting vaccinated, REAL LIVE events are popping up on our calendars. What I’ve been thinking about all of this is that some of us feel like water that has been held back by a dam and it’s about to burst. We […]