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Settle in

Hey Everyone!    First up, huge congrats to all our Tannenbaum runners (and their kids!) who braved the snowstorm and lined up on Sunday! And thanks to all the volunteers and our cheer squad. A “character building” morning. Y’all are awesome.     This snow sure is beautiful right now, but the footing is pretty […]


Hi Everyone!!!   I’ve seen some snow and a bit of ice out there already, so just a reminder to be careful especially in the dark (and wear lights if you can). We don’t need any impact related running injuries!   First up, huge shout-out to Shauna Carpenter who completed the Cozumel Ironman on the […]


Hi Everyone!   Time to start learning to run in layers and with hats and gloves again – winter running is on its way and many of us are going to be ramping up our running and training, so let’s get into it!   I’ve been thinking a lot about acceptance. Not as a form […]

The Exercise Pill

Hi Crew!   First up, congrats to our racers on the weekend! Fran, Annick and Meagan who ran the New York City Marathon!!! No one had a seamless build for this one everyone really maximized their potential and performed on the day. Wow. And back home we had Carol, Zoe and Jordan who raced the […]


Hi Everyone!   Hope you’re all taking some time to pause during some of your runs these days to soak in the fall colours. We’ll be getting dazzled by them in the coming days – hope you enjoy them!   I read something about leaves which I never knew before (in the marginalian by Maria […]

Grabbing on with both hands

Hi Everyone!   Shout out to those of us who raced this past weekend! Gillian I with a huge half marathon PB in her virtual Scotiabank Half Marathon. And Jen, Erin and Cassidy and Moi who raced in the Toronto Women’s 5K. It really is fun to be back.   What I’ve been thinking about […]

The gift of failure

Hey All!   First of all, huge congrats to Steph who ran the Georgina Marathon, crushed her PB, came 2nd in her age group and got a BQ! And Congrats to Carol and Zoe who ran the half, and Chris R, Gillian, Dave K and Eleanor who ran the Scotiabank 10K! What an amazing weekend […]

Giving Thanks

Hi Everyone!   Wow – huge congratulations go out to all of our Boston Marathon runners from yesterday. I’m still tired from following all of you on the app! But seriously – a huge day run with so much heart. Most of you overcame some significant obstacles just to get there, (physical injuries and setbacks, […]


Hi Everyone!   I’m typing this with wet feet from a run – a feeling I think we all will have to get used to this season! What I’ve been thinking about recently is how much our mindset can affect our performances. I know we’ve discussed this before, but I specifically wanted to call out […]


Hi Everyone!   I’ve been thinking a lot about patience recently. I think a lot of my pondering has been prompted by having a teenager! But I’ve been thinking about what makes us impatient. A lot of it, I think, stems from not having faith. In ourselves, in the process, in others. We don’t trust […]