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Hi Everyone!   Wow – what a weekend of running and racing! We had 14 people running between the Full and Half in Toronto and Mississauga. Everyone who ran the marathon got a BQ, there were many PB’s and strong performances all around. It really made me so proud and happy for all of you. […]


Hi Everyone!!   Ok, I’m gonna say it now … snow is behind us. At least if you’re living in Toronto. Last Monday HAD to be our last snowfall. So pack away that winter running gear! Now obviously if it snows again, you know who to blame.   A large contingent in our crew have […]

Keepin it fun :)

Hi Everyone!!!   Huge congrats to everyone who ran Boston yesterday!!!! Madalyn, Andrew, Patrick, Carol. And huge hugs to those who qualified and trained for it and cheered on their teammates from home. In witnessing the stories of people I know and of elite athletes, it looks like there was the usual mix of victories, […]


Hi Everyone!   Hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves. Whether you’re sick or not, good rest and food are so so important.   I have to say, this is the most pivot-involved season of coaching I’ve ever experienced. Most of this has to do with people training and racing during a pandemic. We […]

Celebrating our strengths

Hi Everyone!   Hope you’re all staying healthy and taking care of yourselves. I know many of us have gotten sick or have family members who’ve gotten sick. I heard the analogy that if you haven’t gotten it by now it feels like you’ve been hiding at the back in a Grade 6 Dodgeball game, […]

Finding joy and gratitude

Hi Everyone!   Huge congrats to everyone who ran Around The Bay – whether as race or a training run. That is a serious distance on a serious course with some serious wind! Shout out to Laura, Chris, Sean, Andrew, Zoë, Amy, Bob, Jordan, Patrick, Nir, Julia, Gillian who all put themselves out there! Way […]

Self Care

Hi Everyone!   Happy Spring! Yes, we’re finally officially here. Ahhh…. we deserve these ice-free, sunlit days. Enjoy!   Big congrats to those who raced the Achilles 5K yesterday! I think we had 3 out of 3 PB’s: Andrew McKay (PB and 1st in age group!), Aryn (PB!) and Alexander Ferron (Annick’s son – – PB!) […]

Going Sideways

Hi Everyone!   Hope those of you who are able to take it are enjoying March Break. Whether you’re taking some time off work and taking a more relaxed approach to your running/training schedule this week or not, it’s always good to plan these in somewhere along the line. I know many of us love […]

Training Principles 101

Hi Everyone!   Well, we got our first taste of Spring on Sunday. More days like that ahead! Yes, we’re in for some roller coasters of weather, but … it’s coming! And speaking of the weekend, many of you did some really big training runs as we’re in the thick of training for upcoming Spring […]

Is self-improvement selfish?

Hi Everyone!   Happy March! March sure sounds warmer than February. We’ll get there…   What I’ve been thinking about this week was prompted by a podcast I listened to: “Is self-improvement too selfish?” It resonated with me because a lot of what I’m involved in is in helping people to improve in areas they’ve […]