August 25, 2020 – Reinvention

Hi Everyone! 


One thing I’ve been thinking about this week is Reinvention. We humans are so unique in our ability to reinvent ourselves. It is an amazing ability which isn’t dependent on age, gender, personal history, or past accomplishments. We are limited only by our own imaginations and senses of adventure. Sometimes our incentive to reinvent ourselves is because of something beyond our control. Our current path has come to an end and we need to start a new one. And sometimes we just feel pulled in a new direction. If we’re able to bring the same energy and curiosity to our new path, we can enjoy an entirely new dimension.  


In this group we have a number of people who I can think of who have reinvented themselves in one way or another. A concert musician who sustained an injury and reinvented herself as a medical professional. A sprinter who reinvented herself as a marathoner. Runners who are reinventing themselves as multi-sport athletes with cycling and swimming. A physiotherapist who reinvented herself as a financial executive and then as an entrepreneur.  


I just find this inspiring to see and our capabilities to do this are endless. I’m not sure when we know the time is right, but I think there comes a time when we decide we’re ready to walk away from an old identity which might be holding us back and into a new one which we find more exciting or purposeful.  


Just remember to try to get excited and motivated by your potential to change and to be grateful for the chapter you’ve had. “I am just a runner” or “I am not a marathoner” or “I don’t sprint” or “I’m not musical” are not who you are. They’re what you’ve decided to be right now. And that can always be reinvented. 


Ok, for workouts this week, here are options: 


  1. 2 x 1 mile w 2 min rec,  2 x 800 w 1:30 rec, 4 x 400 w 1 min rec – 3-4 mins bw sets 
  2. Fartlek style: 2 x 6 mins w 2 min rec, 2 x 3 mins w 1:30 rec, 4 x 1 min w 1 min rec (3-4 min easy jog bw sets) 
  3. Hills!!! (I’m def due for these this week) – marathoners, no more hills for you 
  4. Tempo: 3 x 10 min w 2 min easy 
  5. Drills and sprints 



See ya out there!