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February 23, 2021 – Dreams

Hi Everyone! This week I’ve been reflecting on this time of year in general. February usually brings some of the coldest days of the year, and by now the snow and slush and freezing winds might no longer a novel challenge that we might enjoy leaning into a little, but more of a steady chipping […]

LL # 4 – Behaviour Leads Thoughts

Jan 6, 2021 Hi Everyone!  I guess this is officially my first newsletter of 2021, so welcome back and let’s get at it!  What I’ve been thinking about this week is about habits and behaviours. SO much has been written about these recently, but as it’s a new year and we’re taking a good look […]

LL # 3 – Running Generously

February 2, 2021 Hi Everyone! What I’ve been thinking about this week is in finding meaning in our running, and then sharing it and running generously. I was prompted to think of this by Melanie’s video where she shared her involvement with the Achilles Track Club as a running guide. How meaningful and inspiring! We […]

LL # 2 – Your Body

Feb 9, 2021 Hi Everyone! What I’ve been thinking about this week is about our bodies. And how amazing and incredible they are. I am reading a book called The Body, by Bill Bryson, so yes, this has influenced my thinking. But it is worth pausing to reflect on how amazing and awe inspiring our […]

LL # 1 – The Art of Pacing

Feb 16, 2021 Hi Gang! What I’ve been thinking about this week is pacing. Just the art of pacing in general. It’s a tough thing to nail. And your best pacing strategy really depends on the length of the thing you’re undertaking. When you don’t know the length, finding the right pace can be very […]

A conversation with Running

A conversation with my oldest and truest friend – Running. We love each other, but every now and then we need to sit down and have a serious talk.   Me: “Hi Running. I’ve been thinking. I’m worried about this upcoming winter with all of the closures and limited social opportunities, along with the darker, […]

Finding a cheerleader

I am very lucky to have Shirley as my nextdoor neighbour. She is in her eighties and lives alone. She’s more mentally and physically capable than some forty year olds I know. She takes loving care of her garden in the front and back every day. She takes an interest in my kids and always […]

Chop Wood, Carry Water

I was recently reminded of a great Buddhist proverb. A monk worked his whole life to achieve enlightenment. When he finally attained it he was asked how he did it. He replied, “Chop wood, carry water”. Then he was asked what he would do now that he had attained enlightenment. He replied, “Chop wood, carry […]

Are we having fun yet?

“This is fun for us”. We’re in the ski lodge having lunch and I’m showing my 7 year-old nephew a photo of his mother cross-country skiing up a hill. He’s just come off a morning of downhill ski lessons and is getting ready to go back out to ski with his cousins. He looks at […]

Giving Love

I never know who will take me up on going for a walk – if anyone. Usually there is one person who walks with me and my volunteer partner. Sometimes there are two, sometimes none. We walk with men who are staying at a shelter in my neighbourhood. My idealistic idea was to start a […]