Celebrating and Negative Visualization

Hey Everyone!


Hope everyone this group had a wonderful Mother’s Day and celebrated or were celebrated. It was a gorgeous weekend for running (we deserve this), and a number of us celebrated with the Sporting Life 10K! Pearce (PB!), Ingrid (PB!), Elese (PB!), Jen and Myself! Thanks to all who came out and cheered – it always helps!


It is already mid-May, and races are happening all over the place. I have run five races now this Spring. Some have been better than others – in none would I say I’ve knocked it out of the park. But for all of them I have come away thinking, “that could’ve been worse.” A couple of things here. 1: I have noticed a few people around me, in this group and others, who have gotten PB’s and still been hard on themselves. RULE #1 – ALWAYS celebrate your PB’s!!! Personal BEST. That is the best you’ve EVER done! You need to pause and really appreciate that and let yourself bask in it. When you’ve been around long enough, you know how precious these are – and the work that has gone into them. Don’t leave a personal best open to self-criticism. Pat yourself on the back and be proud. Throw your arms up and celebrate that shit.


Number 2: Try practicing negative visualization. Stay with me here. I’ve been reading about the philosophy of Stoicism, and this is something they practice. It is an answer to the hedonic treadmill of never being satisfied, and always wanting more, faster, better. It’s a way to remind yourself how to want what you do have. Here’s how it works: picture not having or losing the things you currently have. In order to create the desire for the things and accomplishments you have, you should contemplate their loss. Picture not having your spouse, your job, your house, friends, kids, etc… Or even your health or current state of vitality. This is a mindset – not an objective reality. Even the poorest and most destitute could have less. And even the richest could have more. The fastest could always get faster. We can always find a faster course, buy faster shoes, train a bit harder, make a few more sacrifices, … When will we be satiated? When we learn to be grateful for what we have. Maybe counterintuitively, instead of this mindset turning you into a depressed pessimist (things could always be worse!), it actually makes you happier as you really appreciate your current state and circumstances (I am so grateful that I have this!) And this brings me to my 5 races. Did I want to run faster in all of them? Yes. But could they have been worse? Hell yes. And so I will celebrate what I am currently running. You should too.


On to tomorrow’s workout – Pottery Rd Hills! Let’s do a combination of strength (long hills) and speed (short hills). Strength = the ability to run hard when tired. Speed = muscle power and mechanics. I like going back and forth with these because the batteries of one can fill up a bit while working the other, so we can maximize work done on both ends.


Sets of 2 x full hill (~400m), 1 x half hill (~200m). Hard up, easy down.

2-3 sets should be perfect. Can add some half hills at the end if feeling peppy.


Ppl who raced Sporting Life, take a break. I will run up to Pottery, but will prob just jog around.


Get going once you get to the hill. I usually arrive around 6:10-6:15.


If meeting in the Beach, meet at Queen and Glen Manor at 6:10.


That is all – see you in the am!