Celebrating runners

Hey All!


Holy what a weekend. For those who don’t know, it was the Boston Marathon!!! I hadn’t been here since around 2002. I’ve been missing out! From our crew, running the marathon we had: Shauna, Annick, Laura, Meagan, Lara, Amanda, Steph, Jordan, Bob. And they all ran with heart and grit and made us all so proud. That course is no joke and I am so inspired to be part of this crew. And in the 5K we had: Fran, Erin, Tanis and myself.  Also, out west in BC, Lyndsay Hayhurst ran the Sun Run 10K and pb’d through 5K and 10K! You are all amazing.


Do you ever feel, as a runner, like a bit of an odd duck out? Like you have to explain yourself to others for certain things, and that people don’t understand your quirkiness? I can remember working in various offices where I’d either have to fit my run in as a commute in, or out, changing awkwardly in the bathrooms and getting odd stares as I walked out or in, in my running tights. I know how to under-exaggerate when people ask how far I’ve run or how often I run. And I still brace for their response. I’m aware that I eat more at a sitting than “normal people”, and am used to the comments – “great job on finishing your plate!”  I know it’s “a thing” when I have to work backwards from a departure time to fit in a run, or leave a gathering early because I have a morning run. I’m aware that I have these eccentricities and that most people don’t really get them, so I tend to downplay them around others. I often hide them and try to blend in as a “non-runner”. But guys. When you come to Boston, EVERYONE is like that! And all our running weirdnesses are celebrated! The whole town here really really loves runners and they let you know it.


So many of us alien-type runners descend on this city for this weekend, and we recognize each other and let loose in all of our running-ness. The marathoners are the stars here, and are celebrated and cheered for the values and lifestyles that they represent. They do a big, hard thing (marathoners are used to doing big hard things), but here they are actually recognized and lauded for it, instead of considered eccentric oddballs. For one weekend a year in Boston, everyone seems to love runners, and runners have the opportunity to inspire others with their passion, grit, determination and pure physical and emotional strength and endurance. I love this so much. You shone so brightly here. Thank-you marathoners and thank-you Boston. My cup is feeling very full.


On to tomorrow’s workout: (Marathoners obviously take a break)

Short hills and tempo. Meet at Riverdale clubhouse for 6:15

This will help to work on some of our strength and power, as well as a bit of pace.

Riverdale Hills – 3 x Fast up, Easy down – 2 min rest, 4 min tempo

Repeat sequence 2-3 times

(I have a kid’s swimming conflict again in the am so I am so sad to say I will have to do this on my own later! Have a good one all)