Hi Everyone!!!


I’ve seen some snow and a bit of ice out there already, so just a reminder to be careful especially in the dark (and wear lights if you can). We don’t need any impact related running injuries!


First up, huge shout-out to Shauna Carpenter who completed the Cozumel Ironman on the weekend! Wow. Huge inspiration, and many of us can attest to the amount of work she put into it. Shauna: YOU ARE … AN IRONMAN!!!!!


What I’ve been thinking about is how each one of us is a role model to someone. Often we don’t know it when we are. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that someone is watching you. You have no idea who you’re blazing a trail for, but you are.


I ran in the Open category at Provincials x-country the other weekend. I was competing with (I won’t say against) the fastest women in the province – most of whom were 10-20 years younger than me. I ran in this category because I didn’t have a masters’ team, and to be honest because the timing worked out better. ANYWAY. I felt a bit out of place. It was fine. Not great. Kind of humbling. Then one of my 20-something yr old teammates came up to me and said “I hope I’m running as hard as you in my 40’s”. I did not think I was being particularly inspiring in that showing. But it’s interesting to remember that we’re all doing things that some other people in our position aren’t, or aren’t yet. And different people have other perspectives on what you’re doing than what your inner voice is telling you. It’s a good perspective shift to remember.


If you’re a new runner just getting going, your neighbour who has wanted to get into it but hasn’t yet had the courage is probably watching you and getting inspired. If you’re struggling with injury and having a hard time getting back to where you were – others are learning how to navigate this too – how can you lead the way with grace? If you’re a working parent who still carves out time for your athletic pursuits, your colleagues and friends might be thinking “maybe I could do that too”. If you’re getting older and maybe not running PB’s anymore, but getting out there with joy anyway, those just behind you are thinking “so that’s how it’s done”. If you accomplish a huge goal or are on an upward streak of fitness and PB’s, how can you open the door so others believe they can follow you?


Every single time you act, you have the chance to act with a character that will inspire others: this includes how you handle injuries, set-backs, victories, slumps, PBs … all of it. Chances are you’ll have no clue who you influence and how. But I promise you – you are influencing someone. So keep influencing them in a way that brings people up. That’s why I love this crew and running community – I find inspiration everywhere and I feel like we’re making the world a better place – one small act at a time.


Onto tomorrow’s workout!!!


  1. UP TO 9 x 800 w 1:15 rec. Here’s the twist: 2 medium, 1 hard. Repeat. I’m not going to give you paces. Just know that you can’t go out hard because you have a hard one coming up. We are working on effort and pacing here (and volume). I was trying to extend our workout and temper the paces last time, but I think everyone just ran their guts out – Not the point!
  2. If you’re running Tannenbaum, just do 5-6 total. So 2 medium, 1 hard, 2 medium, 1 hard. (I will do this too as I’m racing on Sat)


That is all – see you in the am!!!