Feb 2, 2021 – Running Generously

Hi Everyone!


What I’ve been thinking about this week is in finding meaning in our running, and then sharing it and running generously. I was prompted to think of this by Melanie’s video where she shared her involvement with the Achilles Track Club as a running guide. How meaningful and inspiring!


We often hear that running is a selfish sport. It can be, but only if you run selfishly. What inspires me about many people in this group is that you do the opposite of that. If a friend or neighbour asks you about running, you slow down to their pace and invite them along. When you see that your kids could use a little boost, you swap your workout for theirs and let them lead and set the pace. When someone in our group needs a little extra encouragement to get out the door, you notice, and don’t leave them behind, but gently encourage them along. You open all the doors and run with generosity.


I know that a number of people in this group have found running buddies that work well for easy runs, long runs or workouts. This is because you are sharing your energy with each other generously – not competing. You don’t run with someone because they’re fast enough and will be good for you. You run with someone because you have something to offer them. That is the vibe I sense in this group and I am truly loving it right now. (And sorry to call you out Kerry, but also included in this is Kerry’s completely selfless efforts to make us all stronger and benefit from her energy and knowledge with her monthly challenges and free weekly early morning workouts which she never misses!)


We love running for many different reasons. We like setting goals, we like striving, we enjoy the feeling of moving our bodies with effort – especially outside in nature, we like the meditative time, we like zoning out, we like focusing in, we like the chemical rush, we like the calming after-effects, we like being mindful and at one with ourselves, we like being competitive and testing ourselves, we like the rhythm of moving quickly through space under our own power. None of this is revolutionary or saving the world, but we find meaning in it. And if it’s worth doing, it’s worth sharing. This is running with love and generosity. And I love you all for that. Thank-you.


“All you have is what you are, and what you give.” – Ursula Le Guin


On that note, I would like to follow Chris’ suggestion and set the Achilles 5K/10K as a goal option if you’re interested:




I know a number of you are doing virtual Around The Bay. A nice little 5K or 10K a month before could fit quite nicely. No pressure! Please let me know if anyone’s interested and I’m happy to write a lil’ program or fit it in.


Workout options for this week:


  1. Hills! Back at ‘em. I discovered Balmy Beach Hill last time which I loved for the change. Similar to Pottery in length but different undulations. Mix and match but get them in – builds strength you will be grateful for!
  2. 2×1600 at 10K pace with 2 rest, 2 x 800 at 5K pace w 1:30 rest, 2 x 400 faster w 1 rest (3 min bw sets) – (I like this one, so may repeat next week as an option if doing hills this week)
  3. Fartlek style: 2 x 6 min w 2 min easy, 2 x 3 min w 1:30 easy, 2 x 1:30 w 1 min easy, 3 min bw sets
  4. Tempo: 3 x 12 min w 3 min easy