Feeling Good

Hey Gang!


What a heart warming, soul filling day we had in Toronto on Sunday! Congratulations to Carolyn who ran her first marathon (not in an Ironman) and crushed it, and to Amanda, Colette, Sonia, Zoe, Kenzie, Gillian who all ran the half. These are all big distances which require a fair bit of digging and inner strength. And huge congrats to Miguel and Andrew H who tag-team guided Jared (a visually impaired runner) to a PB of 3:02!


The heart warming and soul-filling part of the day wasn’t the results, but the coming together I witnessed out there. Our cheer station was full for 5+ hours – and some of the runners who ran the half even came back to cheer on the finishing marathoners! You guys brought your families and all your positive vibes and well wishes to share them with total strangers out there fighting their own personal battles. You spent your Sunday mornings making other peoples’ journeys lighter and happier. And Miguel and Andrew spent their mornings running hard in what was not their perfect specific training for their goals, in the efforts to help Jared, also previously a total stranger, towards his goal. Why do we want to give our own time and energy to help other people succeed? Why do we sacrifice things we could be doing to forward our own advancement in order to invest in someone else’s? There is no glory or medal for those of us lifting others up. I can’t say I know why we do these things, but I can say I’m very glad to witness it. I’ve been a recipient of these random acts from others to help to push me along, and it just gives me that feeling of faith in humanity and love for other people. So thank you all for that. The love and energy you put out is received and reciprocated in waves you will never see, but that make the world a better place.


On to tomorrow’s workout – back to Lakeshore and Leslie!

(FYI – I will be there, but just cheering you on as I am doing the lead leg for a Run-To-Montreal relay tomorrow evening, and if I’ve learned anything it’s that the double-workout day takes a little too long to recover from for my comfort)

Marathoners from Chicago, still no workouts yet – you can come and jog if feeling ok. Marathoners, half marathoners from the weekend, no workout either. So we might be a smaller crew.


  1. 1 mile tempo – keep it tempo – easing into things. 2 min rest. 4-6 x 600m w 1:45 rest. 3 min rest. 1 mile tempo. If newer to workouts, leave out the 1 mile tempo at the end. This is to build strength (the ability to run hard-ish on tired legs), but is tough and takes some working up to. NYC marathoner, you can do this at Marathon Pace or a bit faster.
  2. If going by time: 6 min tempo, 2 min easy, 4-6 x 2 min fast, 1:45 easy, 3 min easy, 6 min tempo.


That is all – see you in the am!