Free energy

Hi Everyone!


We’ve got a full week of beautiful looking running temps coming up here in TO. Wohoo! For me, we’re in that perfect “not too hot, not too cold” sweet spot, and I’m loving it!


As I’d mentioned in my previous email, I am doing some track work in preparation for a summer track race or two. The track always feels more intense to me, so I can easily get overly keyed up and pace things wrong, and it feels like a shock to the system to run at various faster paces than I’m used to. And after a couple of hard efforts I can easily think to myself, “that’s enough, I can’t do more”.  So I’ve gone back to where I started with track workouts: I’ve attached myself to a crew. I just slot myself behind some more seasoned track runners, and let them carry me around the oval. It is amazing how much easier it feels to run within a pack. I mentioned this to one of the ladies yesterday and she agreed – “I could never do this alone!” As I’ve said before, this is selfishly why I started our Wednesday morning sessions – I could not do those alone.


The same can be said for so many of our runs and workouts. I know that almost every time I’m not meeting someone in the early morning for an easy run, I don’t make it out. And when I go later on my own it just feels … more effortful. I do sometimes love a good solo run – I appreciate the space for my own thoughts and sometimes prefer to customize my pace. But boy oh boy – I know I wouldn’t have the same consistency in outings or effort if they were all solo. When I fall into rhythm with someone beside me, the pace just comes so much easier and the time and km’s fly by with less strain. It’s quite amazing how we can actually share our energy with others. It sounds a bit “woo-woo”, but when you experience it as a physical reality, it’s hard to dispute.


I know many in this group take this philosophy and go out and in turn share their energy with others who maybe don’t have the benefits of a group or running buddies. You run with neighbours or kids or friends who are testing the waters and could use a little “running buddy” energy. I love that it’s an infinite resource and only becomes amplified with use.


So just a big “thank-you” to everyone who shares theirs. We are adding free energy to the world – one group or buddy run at a time.


On to tomorrow’s workout! Back to Lakeshore and Leslie: 6:05 drills, 6:15 GO


  1. 1K-800-600-400-200 all w 2 min

4 min set rest

800-600-400-200 all w 2 min (we get to start lower on the ladder for the second set ;))

Starting a little slower than 5K pace for the 1K then moving to 5K pace and faster for the rest.


  1. If newer to workouts or feeling your way back in, start the second set at 600.
  2. If going by time: 4min-3min-2min-90sec-45sec all w 2 min. 4 min set rest. Start again at 3 min and work down.


That is all – see you in the am!