Hi Everyone!


First up, congrats to Andrew Higgs who pulled together a 6-week training plan and ran a 3:06 marathon at CIM – just off his PB! (not that I recommend this as a training strategy for most – lol) 


Next, just a reminder- ‘tis the season for layers and lights. In my opinion, more of both is better these days. Just keep putting them on and getting out there!


As many of you know, I am now doing personalized coaching for runners and I’m very excited about this. I was thinking about what excites me the most, and then I heard a term which captures it: Freudenfreude.


Many of us are familiar with the German term Schadenfreude – the malicious delight in the misfortune of others. We’ve probably all experienced this feeling at some point – it is part of the spectrum of human emotions afterall. But it’s not a sentiment that makes us feel particularly good about ourselves.


Apparently there is an opposite emotion to this: the feeling of genuinely rejoicing in the success of others. This is Freudenfreude. Buddhists have a term for it too: Mudita – the delight in other’s good fortune.


This feeling makes us feel good. We get to bask in the sunshine of others. More happiness for others means more for us as well.


This is the feeling I get when I coach. It is also I think the feeling that many of you get from being part of a community. It is added sunshine for all of us.


I’m not saying that if I don’t know someone I don’t want them to succeed, but there is sometimes just curiosity and detached indifference. If someone I don’t know runs a PB, sure, I’m happy for them, but I don’t feel inner joy. I love watching the race results of elite athletes because I’m a fan of the sport, but for most of them I find the results more entertainment than emotional investment.


But I want the Freudenfreude. In fact, I already have it for all of you! And I know that we all have it for each other too. When we invest in each other’s success, emotionally, physically and intellectually, this is what we get. We get to share the sunshine. And I know I don’t need to tell y’all it feels so good. 


Onto tomorrow’s workout (6:00 for drills, 6:15 start – Lakeshore and Leslie):


  1. 2 x 1200, 2 x 800, 2 x 600, 2 x 400 – 90 sec bw sets, 2:30 bw reps (feel free to jog to keep warm). 1200’s tempo, then up to you if you want to inch it down a bit. I might just stay there with pace. Keepin it a bit more mellow for now as we adapt to the colder temps.
  2. If you’re newer to workouts or want a little less, start with the 800’s. so 2 x 800, 2 x 600, 2 x 400. Add a few strides at the end as well. That is enough.


That’s all – see you in the am!