Happy Summer :)

Hey All!



Happy Summer!!!


On many of my runs and walks this week I’ve noticed so many people out enjoying each others’ company, playing tennis, splashing in pools, playing basketball, walking, running, just enjoying life. And it makes me so happy. I feel welcomed back into our outdoor spaces – washrooms are open! Water fountains are on! We are being invited back out!


So what I was thinking, was: let’s allow ourselves to take a moment and just enjoy this. Enjoy summer. Enjoy everything we’ve put on hold. Enjoy not worrying if you’re doing the wrong thing and are about to get yelled at. Smile at people on the sidewalk! Breathe out. Pause. Let it all sink in. We deserve this.


Yes, there are still many injustices in our world and in our country and a lot of pain that we should keep our eyes and actions open to. But for a second, let’s just allow ourselves to feel happy. Feeling happy does not mean you don’t care about others who aren’t. It’s the opposite – when you really feel it, you want to share it, so it makes it easier to care. So go out and enjoy summer and spread the joy as much as you can!


I know this isn’t totally about running, but it is in a way. If you run with joy and as a celebration of life instead of as self-punishment and guilt, you will get waaaaay more out of it.


Onto workouts for this week!


I promised we’d start getting together again, so anyone who wants to join or even run by and say ‘hi’, we’ll be meeting at Lakeshore and Leslie at 6/6:15. 6 if you want to do some mobility and strides, 6:15 Go-Time.


  1. Cut-downs. 1 mile (2 mins), 1200 (400 jog), 1000 (200 jog), 800 (90 sec), 600 (90 sec), 400
  2. If on a recovery week, let’s work on speed and neuro-muscular recruitment. What this means: if you make the connections to engage more of your running muscles, it will be easier for your body to use those connections and that muscle recruitment when running at slower paces. This makes you a more “efficient” runner (ie. You use less energy to sustain a certain pace). But you can only specifically engage some of this “muscular reserve” by training them through running fast. Recovery weeks are a great time to work on this bc you can do it while still taking a volume break.
  • Good warm-up (maybe some more drills and strides than usual). 4 x 200 w 2 min rec. Focus on good form and power throughout. 4 mins. 4-6 x 100 w 2 min (or slow walk back recovery). 4 mins. 1 x 200. Cool-down.
  1. Tempo – these are becoming specific to peoples’ builds, so if you have a plan, check those.


Enjoy and hope to see some of you tomorrow!!!