Having Fun

Hi Everyone!


First up, huge congrats to Miguel who ran the Reykjavik marathon in a time of 3:08 in what sounds like not ideal fast running conditions – wohoo!! If you haven’t seen the pics they’re breathtaking.


We’re getting closer to the end of summer, and I see lots of people diving into their version of “having fun”. I love this. And, as I would expect with this group, “having fun” usually involves a fair bit of energy being poured into things. I guess that’s just how we’re wired.


But just a reminder that there is a line. You can be hardcore, and that’s awesome – we all seek that out sometimes. But you can also do “harcore-ish things” for fun. I think with us we get confused sometimes – we sign up for things “for fun” and then make them unnecessarily hard. Because that’s our default setting. It’s ok to actually do a race or event or hike a mountain or go for a swim, and not try your absolute hardest. It’s really really nice to enjoy the journey sometimes. (if you struggle with this I highly recommend getting off Strava)


One of the ways I force myself out of the “hardcore” headspace, is that I sign up for events that have a level of challenge or difference which makes it impossible to compare myself to myself. And events which present an experience that pulls me out of my “racing” head. For instance, coming up on Oct 1, a few of us are doing a night run sponsored by a brewing company. So fun! A lot of people really enjoy relay style runs in beautiful settings (Jasper to Banff, Cabot Trail, Ragnar) – I’ve participated in some of those and would consider them top on the list of the most fun I’ve had. And neighbourhood plug: this Saturday Culture, Eastbound and the Leslieville Beer Festival are putting on a Beer Mile with the proceeds going to the Red Door Shelter (you can participate as part of a relay as well): https://eastboundbeer.com/collections/everything/products/leslieville-beer-mile

I will be there organizing, but will cheer you on and give you a mighty CHEERS if you enter!


So just remember – you don’t have to be one or the other. “Serious” runner or “Fun” runner. If you want to maintain longevity in this game, and keep in touch with what you love to do, sprinkle some fun into your running. Because I know you all – if you sit on a beach for too long you will jump out of your skin – you need to make your fun just hard enough.


Onto tomorrow’s workout! I am away, but I will do mine fartlek style. Lakeshore and Leslie – 6:05 drills, 6:15 GO time!


  1. 1 mile tempo (srsly – keep it tempo). 3 min rest. 2 x 800 @ 10K pace w 1:45. 3 min rest. 1 mile tempo. 3 min. 1 OR 2 x 800 again. This is where you’ll be grateful you kept the first mile tempo.
  2. If doing this fartlek style, 6-3-3-6-3-3 minutes ON with 3 min easy after and before the 6’s, 1:45 between the 3’s.


FYI, if training for a marathon (or any race really), a big part of what you need to practice is patience. Not going crazy and unleashing it all out of the gates. In these longer type workouts we’re working on that.


That is all – I will miss you but back next week!!!