It’s only fun if it’s fun

Hi Everyone!


Hope you’re all getting out to play in the snow dump we got yesterday. I know that for many a huge weather event like this can cause serious disruptions, struggle and hardship. That’s not to be dismissed or taken lightly. But for many of us (especially if you’re in the under-20 crowd), it seems to have unlocked a sense of fun. I know many of us got outside yesterday and today whether on toboggans, snowshoes, skis, or even in running shoes, and the attitude I sensed was one of adventure and fun.


As many of you fans of running probably know, the American marathon record of 16 years was just broken this past weekend in Houston by Keira D’Amato in a time of 2hrs and 19 minutes. You might be saying, “Who??” D’Amato is a 37-year old mother of two and realtor. More about her story in a later newsletter, but what has struck me the most about her is her sense of “fun” in her running. From an article on her prior to her record: “D’Amato recalls two “fun-memorable” workouts that she did prior to her 5000-meter time trial. (She says “fun” a lot in conversation.)” The “fun” workout was 41 x 200 which she did to play a joke on her coach.


When reading about D’Amato I also think of Molly Seidel. Seidel was another runner who seemingly came out of “nowhere” to finish third in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympics. Seidel also exudes a sense of “fun” when she runs. She likes running with amateurs more than pros because they remind her that running part of her life – not her whole life. She had so much fun before the Olympic marathon, just enjoying herself and the moment, that the British team afterwards told her they were wondering whether she’d even finish the race because she was having too much fun in the hotel. Seidel also recently set the FKT (fastest known time) for a 10K dressed in a turkey suit (34:33 if you were wondering).


There are many athletes and people at the top of their game who I admire, but these ladies have something special. They know how to get the most out of themselves by being true to themselves and keeping it fun. I know we all know how to have fun – I’ve seen it in all of you! The trick is trying to keep that attitude going. I’m not saying absolutely every run has to be a barrel of laughs, but it is definitely possible to have fun doing hard things. It’s up to all of us to figure out how to tap into that mindset and make adjustments so that our training resembles our own sense of fun. As my friend recently reminded me, her coach used to tell her “It’s only fun if it’s fun”. Sounds simple, but say it to yourself a few times. It’s actually pretty meaningful.


Ok, onto tomorrow’s FUN workout!

(it’s actually pretty standard. You have to bring the fun 😉 )


  1. 4-8 x 800 w 1:30 rest

That is all. I’ve given a range based on where you are in your training. The key here is to keep them all a similar pace. Let’s not worry too much about pace because although the path is cleared, I’m not sure how salted vs slippery it will be. Basically this is a benchmark workout which we will revisit later on, so it’s ok if it’s not your absolute best ever – in fact better if it’s not. This is the start from which you will get faster.


I will be there at 6:05 for drills, 6:15 GO time.


Hope to see ya there!