Hi Everyone!


We had some fun races this past weekend: a few people ran the Sporting Life 10K as part of their long run, some raced it (including our 75-year-old honourary member Tim Hammil), and we had a few people who ran a 14K trail run in Kelso. I hear there are some hills out that way! Way to go all!


This weekend I attended a coaching course put on by Athletics Canada. It was a neat course, but one of the best things about it was the opportunity to meet with other coaches and discuss different coaching theories, techniques, questions and shared experiences. What I found very interesting was that we had a mix of long-time athletes who had competed at the university level, an Olympian, a multi-sport athlete and a newer community run group based runner. But no one was the expert. We laughed about some of the “old ways” we used to do things. The Olympian struggled with some of the new drills we were introduced. There were some scenarios that we had to agree to disagree on, but we’re still rolling them over in our minds. What this led me to understand is that we never stop learning. Once you become an “expert” in something, if you think you have all the answers, you are in trouble. And sometimes you can learn the most from the new person who asks the right questions.


That’s why I love coaching this group. Each one of you presents a unique compilation of strengths and weaknesses and physical, emotional and intellectual make-ups. It is a puzzle to figure out how to put all of those into a pot and come out with a perfect creation. Sometimes we over or under cook it a bit, and sometimes we realize we left out an ingredient or two, or maybe added something that made the flavours not perfectly balance. All that means is that we are learning. I have experience, but I by no means have all the answers. I love it when you come to me and say “hey, I think I need this”, or “I’d like to try this”. I’ll let you know if I think it’s way off base, but for the most part, I’m totally open to learning with you. So thank-you all for continuing to experiment and teach me as we go. This lifelong learning thing really is fun.


Onto tomorrow’s workout: Back to Lakeshore! 6:05 drills, 6:15 GO time


3 sets of 3 x 600 w 1:15 rest. 3 minutes between sets. The trick: start at a pace that you’ll be able to shave 2-3 seconds off per set. So first 3 probably around 10K pace, next three a bit faster, last three a bit faster. IF you are training for an upcoming 5K or 10K: take 3 minutes and then do one last one fast. Ottawa people, depending on how you feel at the end, you can do one last one at Half or Marathon race pace.


Fartlek style: 3 x 2 min @ 10K pace w 1:15 easy, 3 easy, 3 x 2 min faster w 1:15 easy, 3 min easy, 3 x 2 min faster w 1:15 easy. Option of one last fast 2 min section after 3 min easy.


If you raced Mississauga or Sporting Life and are not training through for something else, keep the paces all at the first set pace. Just a re-entry into “speed” work without too much extending.


If speed work is still relatively new to you, do 3 x (2 x 600). Nail the effort before going for volume.


Sound fun? See you in the am!