March 17, 2020 – One foot in front of the other

Hey Gang!


Let me begin by saying how grateful I am to have this group during these somewhat disorienting times. As runners, we all “get” each other in ways others may not, and it’s so awesome to be surrounded by such a supportive crew.


Virtual ‘race’ results: This Sunday Carolyn Steele-Gray mapped out a 5K and 10K route for those of us who were missing out on race opportunities. Congratulations and thank-you to all who ran and cheered and photographed!


I don’t have official results, but know that Carolyn ran a 10K PB! (41:low?) and Andrew McKay ran a 5K PB – 19:44! Please feel free pass along any ‘results’ I’m missing for others who ran. Nice job everyone.


As many of you know, I actually started this group for selfish reasons, as I knew I’d be better if I surrounded myself with other people who were into the same things. I used to have this thinking that I would be viewed as crazy and weird if I went out running in a snowstorm, when it’s below -20, in a hurricane, in an ice storm… So when those conditions arose, as they have over the years, I would always tentatively put it out there that workout was still on. And what do you know – you guys would show up! I’m NOT the only crazy one! If I say workout is on, I know you’ll be there – and that is such an amazing feeling.


But unfortunately today I have to tell you that we won’t be holding formal workouts for the next little while. We’re just too big and awesome a group. Let’s do what we can to heed the guidelines of not gathering in big groups, but let’s definitely continue to support each other! I will continue to send out workouts and I suggest buddy-ing up in groups of 2-5-ish if you can. We also have people wanting to do some sort of virtual accountability for boot-camp/strength stuff, which I would love too – so let’s stay posted on whether we can get that going.


I would suggest keeping to your routines as well as possible. I know it’s tough when the wind is out of your sails, but one foot in front of the other is something you CAN do, and it will still move you forward.


For tomorrow, let’s do a fartlek. 4 x 6 minutes @ 10K pace (or effort) w 2 min rest. Go when and where and with whom it works for you.


Thanks guys – chat soon!