May 19, 2020 – Bravery

Hi Everyone!


Just a quickie here – huge thanks again to Monica for organizing the LES Virtual Relay 😊 I did promise a beer to the winners, so I will hold true to my word! Will message you guys separately.


What I was thinking about was how few of us really relished running as hard as we could solo without having had any specific focused training behind us. We all knew it was going to hurt. And it did. And we faced it and did it as well as we could.


I looked up the definition of “Brave”: “Bravery is the admirable quality of being able to confront frightening things. Being

ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.”


Not to overplay the value of a virtual 5K or 6K, but I always love when running teaches us lessons about ourselves through experience, and those experiences become part of our character. I really do think you’re all brave – as runners and in life. So here’s to facing all our upcoming challenges head on with courage – we know we can do it!


Workout options for this week (again, pick and choose – don’t do all):


  •  Pottery Rd Hills (I’m doing them this week – it’s been too long for me!) – I like the option of mixing it up: 2 long, 1 short – repeat
  • 2 sets of 6-4-2 with 2 rest and 4 min btw sets (at 15 sec, 20 sec and 30sec faster than tempo pace) (or if doing these as distance, 2 x 1mile, 800, 600)
  • Warrior Challenge (suggested by Kerry K – of course!): 4km run with exercise at intervals.
    • 1km – 50 x jump squats
    • 2km – 40 x jumping lunges
    • 3km – 30 push-ups
    • 4km – 20 x burpees
  • Tempo: 16 min tempo, 3 min jog, 8 min at 5-6 seconds per K faster + strides

Have fun and see you soon!