Hi Everyone!


Congrats to our Sprint Triathletes Shauna C and Cassidy who raced it fast in Barrie last weekend! Shauna rocking another top-5 finish and Cassidy finishing first in the U-19 category!


I’ve been thinking lately about motivation. What it is, how we get it, why sometimes we have it and sometimes we just don’t. I’m thinking about this as I’m waiting for mine to build up again. But I also know it’s not always a passive act – to get motivated. Sometimes motivation lands on us, but sometimes, if we want to be following a certain course of action with passion, we can help to drive our own motivation.


I see motivation as a form of latent energy. You can only be motivated if you have energy. When I come in from a long training ride or run, suddenly all the motivation I might have had to clean my house is gone. Sure, I want a clean house, but not that badly. If you keep yourself constantly in the withdrawal side of the energy balance, you might find you’re just not as motivated for certain things as at other times. And this might not bother you! But I have found that freeing some of that energy up can lead to the thoughts and drive and excited plans for action that were just being suppressed. When I was doing a lot of training, I didn’t have a ton of motivation for creative endeavours, planning experiences with my family and friends, diving into new projects, reading and thinking deeply about things…. I wasn’t sitting there wishing I was doing these things – I just wasn’t motivated by them.


On the flip side, if you’re not motivated by your training right now (and want to be), maybe take stock of how much energy you have available, and whether you want to free some of it up. Even for a period. (As in everything I believe that balance exists in cycles – it’s not a constant perfect blend of life and priorities). This includes nutrition and sleep energy. When your batteries are full on those scales, you feel more motivated to put them to use. If you are constantly tired and not eating well or enough, you won’t feel energized and excited by the thought of pushing yourself physically. There is also the emotional and mental energy to manage – and sometimes these are harder to control, but being aware of them is the first step. If you really want to be engaged and motivated by a goal, don’t treat it like a distraction from your other pursuits. You have to allow it its own space.


Finally, I was listening to an interesting expert speaking on anxiety. She said anxiety can get a bad rap. Really, it is also latent energy. Anxiety is the sense that the outcome can go in either direction – well or badly. If we thought it would just end badly, that would lead to a sense of defeat and serve as the opposite of motivation. But anxiety primes us for action. We have a hand in directing the outcome to “good”. I think that’s why signing up for big, scary events can bring motivation. Scary motivation leans towards anxiety, but if that’s the stimulus you need and you have the constitution to manage it, it can definitely spur you to “action” (just ask any of us first-time Ironmen about that). I would just do a real self-check to make sure you have the mental, emotional and physical space for this first, because in this case you’re forcing it vs. letting it come to you.


But any way you find it, you do have motivation in there if you want it. And if you don’t want it right now, that’s ok too!


On to tomorrow’s workout. Back to Lakeshore! 6:05 drills, 6:15 GO Time!


I think last Weds was a bit of a long, grindy one. Let’s try to get a little more pep in this one.


  1. 2 x 800 at TEMPO pace w 1:30 (really – keep these restrained). 3 min rest.

4 x 600 w 1:15 @ 5K-ish pace. 3 min rest

4 x 200 a little snappier w 1 min rest

If training for a fall marathon, finish with 1 mile @ goal Marathon Race Pace (this should not feel hard – more of a lead-in to your cool-down)


  1. If doing this fartlek style:

2 x 3 min tempo w 1:30 easy. 3 min easy

4 x 2 min fast w 1:15 easy. 3 min easy

4 x 30 seconds fast w 1 min easy. 3 min easy

Option of 6-7 mins @MRP.


That’s all – see you in the am!