October 6, 2020 – re-hunkering

Hi Everyone! 


I can’t help gushing over this fall running weather. So beautiful out these days! Don’t forget to pause and appreciate and enjoy the beauty while you’re out and about. 


What I’ve been thinking about recently is the feeling that we are going to have to hunker down and shrink our worlds again for a bit. This is not easy, or fun but one thing I’ve learned from the past 7 (!) months is that this Lower East Siders community is more than just a running group and we will remain a supportive, inclusive, inspiring community whether we get together consistently or not. It’s hard to plan and look forward when you don’t know what the next few months will bring, so let’s not waste energy trying to control things that are out of our control. What we can’t control: illness, weather, school closures, event cancellations, other peoples’ behaviour (I’m sure it will get wacky again).  What we can control: how we treat other people. That’s why I love this crew – I feel we have our priorities straight. This isn’t easy but let’s just continue to hold tight and do what we do best: be generous and gracious with our love and support – it’s about all we can count on for sure these days, and I’m so grateful for it.  


Speaking of support, this weekend Ingrid is running virtual Chicago!!! No pressure, but if we figure out her route and timing I’m sure a bunch of us will try to do a run-by on a weekend run to cheer. If not, we are all behind you in spirit Ingrid – Go Get It!!! 


Also, Mike G wanted me to pass along this message: “The ‘official’ half marathon race Oct 17th is cancelled given COVID resurgence and the potential negative optics to our LES group of running any sort of official event. There are however some who plan on meeting up for a half on that weekend so there are still opportunities for a good hard test for those interested!” – on that note, please also let us know your day/time/route so we can run/cheer.  


That is all for now – also please keep me posted on virtual races you want to try out if you’re looking for a program. I’m thinking of targeting a 5K in a bit. Onwards!!! 


For tomorrow: 


  1. 2 sets of 5 x 600 alternating Medium and Hard efforts (I’m thinking about 10 sec difference) – 1:30 bw reps, 4 mins bw sets. Yes, it’s 6K of work. Only 3K should be HARD though if done correctly (note to self) 
  2. If doing this fartlek style, 2 sets of 5 x 2 min on, 1:30 off, alt Hard and Medium efforts, 4 mins bw sets 
  3. Hills!!! (I know we’re actually due this week but I have to be back early so shifting mine to next week) 
  4. Peeps doing the Half on the 17th: 2 mile tempo, 5 x 600 


GUYS: did anyone watch Sara Hall’s finish in London on Sunday? I guarantee you her last 400m was refined doing hard repeats of 400m intervals. That’s what her body called upon. Not her long runs. Even people training for long races can benefit tremendously from shorter harder efforts.