Hi Everyone!


As we re-enter the now familiar routine of closures and restrictions, I think it’s more important than ever to look at our goals and resolutions for 2022. Not in the “I want to improve myself” sense, but in the “what excites and drives me” sense.


I agree, at this current moment, it’s not easy to feel bright, inspired and optimistic. Especially if we are on social media and allow ourselves to listen to too much of other peoples’ negative headspaces. So here’s my challenge to you: find a way to get yourself inspired and excited for what’s next. Screw the negative bullshit and find a person or event or challenge that gets you fired up. I know we all know how to take a deep breath and get to work on hard things that we “should” be doing. That’s not what I want for this year’s goals. I want you to find that inner spark of passion. I know it’s there – we’ve all had it at some point. You may have to work a little to rekindle it. So work for it. Take some time to really think about what inspires you and gets you excited. Read stories of other people who have this spark. Here are some I’ve found inspiring lately: Tommy Rivs, Shalane Flannagan, Lanni Marchant. If you don’t know their stories, look them up, but basically they’ve all been dealt different life circumstances and challenges and continue to find passion and purpose through running – all three in very different forms than they once did. There are more out there. Look for them (and share them!)


Wayne Gretzky said that no one ever once told him to practice as a kid. The hours he spent on the ice alone in his backyard which eventually developed him into “The Great One” came from his own inner flame. It wasn’t  a work ethic or talent that drove his success – it was passion.


So this year, don’t try to better yourself, or improve a time or a habit just because you think you should. Instead, find a way to rekindle your passion. When you have that drive, you won’t need willpower or discipline to keep going, and obstacles like restrictions, closures and cancellations will only be pylons to sidestep as you follow your inner path.



Onto tomorrow’s workout! (Gatherings are now limited to 10 ppl outdoors. Let’s see who shows up tomorrow – if we’re more than 10 we can split into two groups and start at opposite sides of the path and run towards each other.)

I will be there for 6:05 drills, 6:15 GO TIME. If anyone wants to group up for an earlier or later time, feel free!


  1. 6-10 x 600 w 200 jog.

The key to this workout is keeping it continuous (we’ve done this one before). Keep the 600’s at 10K effort – no faster and the 200’s at a pace that is not an easy jog. As you adapt and improve on this workout, the parameter that changes is that your 200’s get faster. The stimulus here is teaching your body to deal with and use lactate as fuel. So don’t get hung up on your 600 times – work for the effect, not the workout “performance”.



  1. If doing this fartlek style, 6-10 x 2:30 Hard(ish), 45 seconds Medium


Please let me know if anyone has any questions!


Hope to see some of you tomorrow.