September 22, 2020 – RBG

Hi Everyone! 


First up congrats to our long course triathletes who competed (and medaled!) on the weekend – some after having run virtual Boston the weekend before! What the heck – I think there’s something different in the water we’re drinking. Very inspiring y’all. I don’t have official results but I believe Carolyn Steele-Gray came in as the FIRST non-pro woman, and David Steinberg, Jon McRea and Jason Jacobs rocked it. Carol McFarlane did the bike portion as part of a relay. Way to go crew! 


This week I’ve been thinking (and learning more about) Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She has said many meaningful things, but two which stand out for me are, “I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability.” And “To make life a little better for people less fortunate than you, that’s what I think a meaningful life is. One lives not just for oneself but for one’s community.” 


I like these because they are empowering and they take away the comparison angle. We each have separate and very different talents. We can follow those to make the changes that are within our reach – no matter how big or how small. I sometimes get caught up worrying that I’m not making a huge impact like someone like RBG, but I try to remind myself that I’m not her and all I can do is try to do my own small part.   


This mindset can apply to our athletic achievements as well. This crew is amazing in its huge breadth of talents. There are some fast-twitch, some slow-twitch, some mentally super tough, some able to find joy in everything, some flexible, some rigid, some great leaders from the front, some lead by following and supporting others. Whatever our talents or interests are, we should use those to the best of our ability. And use them to help and prop others up where we can – not just for ourselves. We are the fortunate ones. Thank-you RBG!!! 


On to workouts for this week: 


  1. Hills (some ppl did them last week – if not I really recommend keeping them in in some form periodically) 
  2. Those of us who did hills can do the 800-400-200 workout from last week. It looked fun! 3-4 x 800-400-200 w 1 min bw reps, 3 mins bw sets 
  3. If you did that last week and need another option, let’s do 8 x 400 w 1:15 rest. These are designed not to be super fast (read the rest to gauge output) but nice and consistent to keep the wheels turning over. A good one to get back to if you want to hit up some 5 or 10K’s this Fall. 
  4. Tempo: 10 min, 3 x 5 min all with 2 min rec 


Have fun!