September 28, 2020 – Fear = Growth

Hi Everyone!  


Am I the only one who’s feeling the buzz of energy in the air? It suddenly really feels like Fall and fresh starts. My son expressed his feeling of anxiety to me about going back to school this week as a bad feeling in his chest. I said “Actually, that’s a good feeling – it means you care! And you’re not alone. Many of us have that feeling right now.” I’ve spoken to a number of people in this group doing new and big things this week (including the Virtual Boston Marathon!!!) It made me think of another Gloria Steinem quote:  


‘When you attempt something new, there is always fear. A couple of
helpful slogans for me have been these: ‘Follow the fear’ and ‘Fear is a
sign of growth’. 


There is no objective measure as to whether something is scary or not. If it is scary for you, then you will grow from it. That’s all that matters.  


So I see you all going out and doing your own scary things. I’m proud of all of us for challenging ourselves and continuing to seek that feeling. Success or not, there will be growth. Follow the fear.  


Ok, onto workouts for this week:  


  1. 1 mile @ half mara pace, 2 min rest, 2-3 x 800 @ 10K pace w 1:30 rec, 2-3 x 800 @ 5K pace w 2 min rec  
  2. If tapering for Boston: 1 mile @ mara race pace, 2 min rest, 2-3 x 800 a tad quicker (half or 10K pace) w 1:30 rest  
  3. Above as fartlek: 6 min tempo, 2 min easy, 3 x 3 min medium hard w 1:30 easy, 2 min easy, 3 x 3 min Hard w 2 min easy  
  4. 4 x Riverdale Hill, 10 min tempo, 4 x Riverdale Hill (something different)  
  5. Tempo: 3 x 10 min w 2 min easy  


Feel free to coordinate meet-ups here!


Good luck to everyone 