Shoe Review – adidas Boost

I’ve been trying out adidas’ latest technology in their introduction to the Boost running shoe.

The Technology:

The midsole is comprised of thousands of EVA capsules bonded together.  These capsules store and release the energy of a runner’s impact better than any other traditional midsole on the market.  Translation: they make your run feel “bouncy”.

The upper is made out of seam-free supportive materials which hug your foot like a sock providing optimum support with no irritation.

The Claims:

  • The Boost technology provides the elusive ultimate blend of cushioning and responsiveness.  I’ve always thought these two traits were exclusive.  I have my “soft, squishy” shoes which I use for my recovery runs and my “firmer, flatter” shoes which I use for performance efforts such as intervals or tempos.
  • The shoes will last longer than shoes with traditional EVA as the capsules won’t break down as quickly as uniform foam so the shape of the shoe will maintain its integrity over a longer period of time.
  • Unlike traditional EVA the Boost technology does not change in different temperatures (I’ve definitely experienced harder and squishier rides than expected in the extreme cold and hot with other shoes)

For a complete run-down on the technologies and engineering of the Boost check out this video at the unveiling in New York City:

Introduction to the adidas Boost

My Verdict:

  • I’ve used the Boost on treadmill runs, easy recovery runs and intervals.  I loved it for the latter two – on the treadmill it felt a tad squishy as the ‘mill itself has a lot of give and the added cushioning feel left too little firmness under foot.
  • I’ve LOVED them for recovery runs outside when my legs have literally needed a “boost”.  I’ve felt like they’ve brought me back to a par on days when I was flat.
  • I’ve used them for intervals and was surprised to find them as responsive as they were.  When I’m running faster I’m up on my toes more and I’m looking for a firm platform from which to push off.  I found the Boost responsive enough in my longer intervals to suit my purposes.  I might not use them for shorter or more intense intervals on the track (not that I do those much anymore, but if I did…)
  • I like the sock-like upper.  It’s snug and holds my foot perfectly onto the midsole.
  • I think they look cool.  Especially when I’m wearing all black and training in the dark.  I feel like a ninja.

Bottom line: definitely worth trying out and seeing if they’re a good fit for you.  If they fit well and make you feel fast and sleek, I say you can’t go wrong.