Top 10 (ish) Reasons to Love Running in the Snow (or Sleet)

“HURRAY!” I thought to myself last night as the snow started to pile up.  Another chance to take advantage of the great benefits of running in the snow.

1.  You burn more calories side-stepping and leaping over monster ice water trenches (like the one below)

2.  You burn even more calories trying to maintain core body temps once you don’t make it over one of these three-footers

3.  Cross training!  A great chance to work on your lateral stabilizing muscles while trying to maintain upright balance

4.  A chance to have the weather compliment your melancholy running playlist.  “Let Down” by Radiohead just doesn’t feel right on a bright sunny day


5.  Mental Toughness.  This is a hard one to plan into your everyday training schedule, but when the weather offers it – jump at the training opportunity!  Just think how easy the last few kilometers of your race will seem in dry shoes and even footing (unless you’re racing the Chilly Half this weekend…. Good on ya rockstars!)

Chilly Half Marathon and 10K

6.  Bragging rights.  Seriously.  Your colleagues will respect you.  They won’t roll their eyes and call you crazy behind your back.

7.  You can still drink hot chocolate instead of sports drink after your runs.  Which is a huge benefit because for some reason Baileys never works as well with orange Gatorade.

8.  Ummm…. Free showers from every car that passes you?

9.  Ok, I’m struggling here…

10.  Please don’t ask me if I ran today.  I will now return to feeling sorry for myself for having to train in this and cursing the weather.  Thanks for indulging me.