Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024 – Role models

Hey Everyone!


Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow for those who celebrate. And Happy eating chocolate day for those who celebrate that!


As most of you have probably heard, the marathon world record holder, Kelvin Kiptum, died tragically in a car accident the other day, alongside his coach. Kiptum had recently run the world record of 2:00:35 in the Chicago marathon, and was expected to be the first person to break 2 hours in a legitimate marathon. The news of Kiptum’s death is sad on many levels. He was young, had years of great things ahead of him, and had a close circle of family and friends who will miss him very much. But what we as runners are also collectively mourning is the loss of a model of our potential. Maybe not us personally, but what is humanly possible. When we see someone out there doing something we didn’t think was possible, it can lead to a sense of awe. It is also inspiring. These are positive feelings which are energizing and motivating and then lead us to take action. We are raised up by people who lead in this way.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: each one of us fills that role for someone else. You probably will never know who or how many people you inspire and raise up that way, but our actions are noticed. Obviously we’re not inspiring everyone. But there is someone in your boat who doesn’t think they can do ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is), and sees you doing it and it pulls them up. It might feel like there’s no way our little plod in the dark hours or our non-PB time, which doesn’t even feel like a great accomplishment to ourselves, can make anyone take notice. But people do. Maybe it’s your neighbours or a colleague or someone walking to work or someone watching the race go by. And maybe that person can identify with your particular stage or struggles in life. And for that person, you are a beacon of what is possible. I know I’ve been inspired by people in this way. People who probably think they are just ordinary and going along doing their ordinary things, but I recognize a sister in what she is challenged by, and see her reaching for goals or doing big things despite it all, and I think, “it’s possible”, so I go out and try too. There are Kelvin Kiptum’s out there raising people up in their own way every day. And most likely we are all that person for someone as well. I find that to be good motivation when I’m getting discouraged or feel like I’m climbing an uphill battle. Someone else is probably going through a similar stage, and could use a little shot of self-belief. RIP Kelvin Kiptum – you inspired us all.


On to tomorrow’s workout: Lakeshore and Leslie – 6:05 Drills, 6:15 GO


Let’s get back to some meat n potatoes 800’s. Up to 8 of them with 1:30 rest.

Start at threshold pace (somewhere between half marathon and 10K pace). I think most of us should stay there for now. If you’re feeling great you can pick it up for the last couple. If you’re not feeling great, do 6 and keep them closer to tempo pace. There are a lot of range options in this workout and they are all solid!


That is all – see you in the am.