When wine and racing come together

No, this is not a post about a new event – The Wine Mile. Although now that I’ve retired from the Beer Mile that could be something to consider…

I’m talking about what happens when you relax with a glass of wine or two and you happen to be online and suddenly your attention is seized by an upcoming race.  This is exactly what happened to me earlier this week. I somehow got onto the Nationals Cross-Country site, and was looking at the date and location and who was running.

If I had had no wine, my thought process would have played out like this:

“Wow, those girls are tough. I remember cross-country. It was a long time ago and it never didn’t hurt. It was always cold, hilly, long, painful and exhausting. I wonder if I’ll ever race cross-country again? Probably not. Anyway, this is Nationals and I’m not in shape for cross-country. Also it’s in a different city which is logistically difficult. I’ll be sure to check the results though – looks like it’ll be a good race.”

However, I happened to land on the page while sipping my second glass. So my thought process was more like this:

“Wow – Nationals! Exciting – look who’s racing! I want to be a part of the action. And it’s not even that far away! I deserve a night away from the kids. Also I’m super tough and what if I have a great race and totally surprise myself and everyone else and do really well out of nowhere? It could totally happen. Awe, remember the glory days of cross-country? It was so much fun! I’m totally doing it.”

Although the next morning my enthusiasm for racing cross-country wasn’t nearly as strong, I did remember the thoughts and feelings of excitement I’d had the night before. I mentioned the idea in passing to a few people. But in a non-committal “I had this crazy thought the other day” kind of way. Strangely, everyone I brought it up to thought I should do it. It’s possible I need a new advisory board since they seem to come to the same conclusion as myself after two glasses of wine, but too late to argue now. I’m registered and doing it.

I’d love to say I’m excited and ready to go. In reality I’m slightly terrified and dreading it, but deep down I know I want to do it.  Still, I think I’ll stay away from race sites next time I’m in a wine mood.

The "Glory Days"

The “Glory Days”