Zooming back in

Hi Everyone!


As we do every year, we’re going through that uncomfortable feeling of adapting to the heat again. Feel free to reference one of my past posts on heat training but just remember these facts: it feels hard for a reason (it is harder until you adapt) and you will adapt and become more fit from it. So that’s what it is – an added element of difficulty that we didn’t ask for, but will make use of.


What I’ve been thinking about this week is about zooming in again and finding the motivation to sweat the small stuff. What I mean by this is that I feel like I’m moving out of “survival mode” where I just had to keep moving forward to keep my head above water, and the details were un-important. Was I safe, healthy, managing food and schedules for everyone at home, getting out for most of my runs, getting some work done? If those boxes were ticked, I didn’t really care about the details. I couldn’t. None of us could. It was too overwhelming. We have been living our lives in broad strokes.


But maybe now that things are opening up, programs are re-starting, races are being scheduled in, we should take some time and focus on some of the details. We can shift from “who cares – just get it done” to “actually, let’s take some time and do this well”. The way I apply this to running is to start thinking about basics: biomechanics, form, speed, turnover, efficiency, strength. These are all details which, unless you address them specifically, will not improve by just “getting your run in”. I would recommend layering back in your drills, strength routines, strides, physio exercises, etc… Make sure you’re healthy and in working order before launching forward. Take care of all of the little details. Let’s go granular again before we zoom back out. Our bodies and our running have helped us all tremendously through this time – let’s all make sure we’re all tuned up and ready to go before launching out again in full force.  


It was nice for a while, not to sweat the details. Even in the rest of life. We have given ourselves and others a lot of slack (and rightly so) in how we’ve shown up. Looking like an extra from The Walking Dead, dragging your body parts as you run along? Totally get it – we did what we had to do. But now that we have goals, let’s start shifting out of “survival just get it done” mode to “take our time and do it well” mode. It’ll be worth it in the long run.


Workouts for this week:


  1. 2 x (4×400 w 100m jog) – 400 jog bw sets – @no faster than 5K pace; 4min rec, 3-4 x 400 @ faster w 2 min rec
  2. 2-3K w-up, good drills and strides, 2-3K c-don
  3. Tempo: 3 x 5 min w 2 min easy – finish w hill bounding or strides


That is all – Enjoy!!!