A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The other morning as I was in my usual frantic “zone” of getting myself ready for work and my two kids fed, dressed and out the door for school, my five-year-old asked me very matter-of-factly: “Mummy – do you think this is what you look like when you’re asking us not to bug you?”  And he pointed to a picture in his latest favourite book:

Big self-confidence boost to start my day.  I think I may have actually put on makeup (a rare occurrence) right after that.

It also made me wonder how else I might appear at different times.

I’m pretty sure this is what my sister and I look like to each other when we meet for our weekly 5 a.m. speed workouts.

(sometimes our eyes aren’t even that wide open)

This is our first interval.

This is our last.

Quite a transformation takes place in 45 minutes.

This is us after the workout.

And this is us all day from having done intervals at 5 a.m.

That is all.  In future, when asking my children “not to bug me” (I’m not sure I really said that, but that’s what he heard so judge away) I will take a deep breath and channel this.

Peace out.

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