Hi Everyone!


It’s been so great seeing so many of you out doing a multitude of activities. And I hope everyone is getting in some good Olympics watching! I am loving it.


What I’ve been thinking about this week is the ability to ask for what we want or need. I think many of us have had this ability trained out of us by society or our own inner voices. But being able to ask for what you want is a huge strength. People want to help us – they just don’t always know how.


I was listening to a podcast with Brandi Carlile. She was asked whether she was good at asking for what she wanted. She unapologetically said “Yes! I know what I need and I can’t get it all alone”. I loved this. There was no shame in asking – only confidence. A lot of what she asks for is charity involvement for fundraisers. She joked that people in Hollywood probably screen her calls because she is so unafraid of asking, but she believes in what she is doing and makes things happen. And in reality, people do want to help.


A female friend of mine who is a top executive in a male dominated industry was on a podcast talking about going back to work with small kids. Her team had meetings at 8:30 am. She asked for them to be moved back an hour because she was doing the school run. No problem. She has since risen higher and higher and that is in part because she has been able to ask for what she needs.


Similarly, as we take on commitments in our lives as athletes and in service to others (paid or unpaid), it will only help us if are able to ask for what we want. Can you make dinner on these nights? Can we move these meetings a bit later or earlier? Can you join me on this hard effort? Can I have this half day off to attend to my wellness needs?


The people around you want your success. But they can’t guess what you need. So please learn to ask. If not only for yourself, then as a path that you’re carving for those who are coming behind you and who maybe won’t have to ask as loudly. Jumping through hoops while carrying all the balls yourself won’t help you. Please learn to ask. It will make you so much stronger and more successful.


For this week! We are back to hills:


  1. 5-6 x Pottery Rd Hill – 3-4 min recovery then 2 x 8 mins @ mara pace w 3 min recovery
  2. If on a recovery week, 3 x hills and a few good strides after
  3. 5K runners: 5-6 x Pottery (or similar if in beach) and 4-5 x strides after
  4. Short tempo for recovery week ppl if feeling like you need something: 5min, 2min, 2min, 2min – same tempo paces – don’t speed up bc it’s shorter – all w 2 min easy OR no tempo
  5. Tempo for 5K ppl: 3 x 5 min w 2 min, then 5 min easy, then 5 min a bit quicker
  6. Tempo for ppl building: 2 x 12 min w 3 easy


That is all for now – see you out there!