Magic Bullets

Hi Everyone!


Hope you’re all managing to stay cool and drinking lots of water (dehydration can sneak up on you when you’re going from heat to air conditioning). Also, let’s just stay aware of this smog that is hanging over the city – it is particulates from forest fires, so if you’re feeling any irritation in your lungs or feeling light headed, back off. Hopefully some rain tonight will clear it out.


What I’ve been thinking about is our strange irrationality as humans (again). What if I told you you could take a pill that would give you greater exercise adaptation, increased muscle growth, bone building and fat burning? It would also be your recovery salve when you’re injured as it would increase your recovery rate by increasing protein synthesis. And it would increase your motivation to work out and make your workouts feel easier? Would you take it? How much would you pay for it? Consider how much you invest in all of your other products that give you a slight edge. Now what if I told you it was free? Yes, I’m talking about sleep.


This is where we become irrational. Yes, workouts are important, and fitting them into our busy days are hard. And the truth is, you won’t get fitter and stronger if you have nothing to recover from. But continually depriving yourself of sleep in order to work out will eventually lead to diminishing gains if not injury.


I’m not lecturing, just reminding you of something to remain aware of as you lean into training at the same time that you rediscover patios and socializing, and your kids and partners get busier, and work is not slowing down. None of these things should be taken off the table. But please remember that sleep is not the one that should constantly be compromised. It won’t help you. Rationally, if you want the best results from your efforts, the smartest thing to do is to compromise your workouts every now and then in favour of sleep. We think if it doesn’t feel hard, we’re not working towards our goals – but that is not the truth. I’m telling you that. So shut off that part of your brain that is compulsively telling you to “push through” and take the advice that will actually get you fitter, stronger, faster. Sleep!!!! It actually is a magic bullet.


Ok, onto Wednesday workout!


  1. 1K tempo; 2 min rec, 6 x 600 @ 5K pace w 1:30, 3 min rec; 1K tempo
  2. If doing this fartlek style: 4 mins tempo, 2 min easy, 6 x 2 min Hard, 1:30 Easy, 3 min easy, 4 min tempo
  3. If on a recovery week (like me!) feel free to join me for jogging, strides and mobility



That’s all – have a good one and see you out there! (Lakeshore & Leslie at 6:15 J)