Hi Gang!


Many of us are getting into the groove of summer training. We have fall goals on the horizon and are excited to work towards them. This is what we love! Big goals with plans filled with hard work and fun in order to get us there.


As we start out and map everything out, I just want to set you all up with one expectation: expect the odd set-back. Most people will not have a completely smooth journey and be able to follow their plan 100% to the letter. That is expected. Most of us will confront schedule changes, energy ebbs and flows, injuries, life events that will lead to set-backs – large or small. That is OK. That is all part of the journey. These set-backs, and how we handle them, are actually more significant for our growth and learning as athletes than a smooth road.


I was listening to an interview with LeBron James. He was talking about his kids. He said they would never have the same drive as him because he could never recreate the circumstances that led to where he is. He grew up poor, in a single parent household, in rough neighbourhoods and schools. His kids have a stable family, live in wealthy neighbourhoods, and go to private schools. Of course this is what he wants to give them, but LeBron also said, I wish for my kids enough hardship and obstacles in their lives that they can grow and learn.


As parents and as coaches or leaders, we all sort of hope for this, but yet we would never put hardships or obstacles in our kids or athletes’ way on purpose. Rather, when they experience them, we don’t stress about it or try to fix it, but rather let our kids/athletes/mentees struggle and grow through the challenge – even if it’s uncomfortable.


So, as much as I hope for smooth journeys for all of you, I know as a matter of odds and experience that that won’t be the case. And when we each hit our own set-backs, although I won’t be celebrating them (they are tough), I also won’t be stressing and cursing and wishing it were different.  We all have the opportunity to gain wisdom, self-knowledge and strength with every new challenge, difficulty and failure if we are able to accept them, use them, and move on. So whatever happens, this will be a great season for all of us J


On to our Wednesday Workout: (6:15 am start at Lakeshore and Leslie)


  1. 2-3 sets of: 800-800-400. 1:30 between reps, 3-4 mins (and 400m easy jog back) bw sets. Marathoners, do three sets as half marathon/8K pace. 5K runners do 2 sets as 10K/5K pace.
  2. If doing this fartlek style: 3min-3min-1:30 w 1:30 bw reps, 3-4 mins bw sets
  3. Tempo: 3 x 5 min w 3 min (unless you’re a marathoner doing work in your long run this weekend)


See you out there!