Be a fan!

Hi Everyone!


‘Tis the season for racing. Karen raced the Toronto Women’s 5K placing 3rd in her age group and 11th overall! And on the tri scene, in the Gravenhurst Olympic Tri, Carolyn came 4th overall and 1st in her age group, and Madalyn came 3rd in her age category! Inspiring results, particularly because two of these athletes have been struggling with injuries and have been very patient over some tough times over the past few months. Way to go all!


Speaking of inspiration, I just wanted to talk about how now is a great time to really get into being a fan of the sport of running. There is so much exciting stuff going on on the track right now. In the past two weeks alone 4 world records have been broken! Faith Kipyegon (should be noted, not a newcomer but a mother who has returned to competition with force) started the roll with a 3:49 world record in the 1500m. She then ran the 5000m a week later in a stunning world record of 14:05.


Jakob Ingerbrigsten took on Daniel Komen’s 26 year old 2 Mile record, and smashed it in 7:54. Consider that. Remember when breaking 4 minutes for the mile was a big deal? He just ran two consecutively in well under that.


And in the 3000m Steeplechase Lamecha Girma ran 7:52 to set the new world mark.


The NCAA track finals are currently underway and are very exciting to watch, and there are many more track races to come as this is just the beginning of the season and since this is the lead in to an Olympic year, everyone is trying to set a mark. There is so much good coverage now with superb announcing that it’s easy to get into and become a fan even if you’re starting from scratch. Just go to youtube and search “Diamond League” to get started. The algorithm should keep you well stocked from there.


Anyway, I suggest this because these athletes are all doing the same thing that we are. In pretty much the same equipment. There is a direct line from the times they are running, the way they are training, the shoes they are wearing, which is drawn directly to us. These athletes for the most part are not super wealthy, do not have equipment advantages that we don’t have, they are parents, or students, some even have outside jobs. So if you need a lil jot of inspiration and are sick of following sports with balls and nets, become a track fan. It’s the most exciting and then you can nerd out and talk results with me 😉


On to tomorrow’s workout: Lakeshore and Leslie – 6:05 drills 6:15 GO!


  1. 5 x 800 w 1:30 rest. 4 min rest. 4 x 400 w 1:15. If training for faster races this summer and getting into 5K shape, aim for 5K pace for the 800’s. If building base for fall marathon training, do the first 3 800’s at 10K pace and see if you can pick it up for the last 2. If marathon training, keep the 400’s at the same pace. If working towards 5K fitness, pick em up a bit.
  2. If going by time, 5 x 3 min w 1:30 rest. 4 min rest. 4 x 1:15 on w 1:15 rest.


Remember: you do you. If just getting back into it, don’t race these. Ppl who want to lean in know who they are. This is a great fitness building OR base building opportunity. Know your intention.


That is all – I will be there but cheering as I’m racing tomorrow eve on the track.


See you in the am!