Fun times!

Hi Gang!


Congrats to everyone who raced the Waterfront 10K on Saturday! We had Colette, Miguel and Jason racing it. I wasn’t running but was volunteering and even so was once again reminded: man, 10K’s are hard. Great job crew!


Happy Solstice everyone!!!! Longest day of the year. Enjoy having so much daylight to give you energy and more time to do the things you love. Seriously – it makes a difference for those of us who do our activities outside. What I’ve been thinking about lately is having fun. It’s an interesting concept because often we don’t realize until after we’ve done something that it was a ton of fun. Most of us in this group are wired to find fun with effort. This is a tricky balance because more effort doesn’t always equal more fun, but we can be tricked into thinking that and chasing it once we’ve experienced it. But also, no effort doesn’t often lead to a ton of fun. There’s a weird sweet spot. I’ve been running some shorter track races, and I can’t believe how much fun I’m having with them. I entered for curiosity reasons, but am sticking around for the fun. But there have been times when I’ve thought something would be fun, but found it simply hard without the light element (my last x-country race comes to mind). I’m not sure what the secret sauce is for keeping the fun alive in our efforts – I think it probably has to do with mindset, surrounding yourself with the right people, and being able to embrace the effort without attaching too strongly to the result. And there’s also trial and error – go out and see if it’s fun. If it’s not, you don’t have to do it again! I’m so grateful for everyone in this crew and others who train with me, sign up for races and crazy events, and bring the same mindset of hard work =’s fun. It really is the secret to longevity and success.


Speaking of fun events! We have 4 LES teams running the Ekiden tonight at the spit! 7:00 pm start time. I have the bibs – let’s show up around 6:30 and I’ll distribute them. (if you’re a second leg you can show up at 7:00 plus 5K – so 7:2-something if you’re running late).


If you’re not part of a team, come out and cheer! Because of this, we will have a social tomorrow am on the spit. Workout: repeats of 1 min Hard, 1 min Easy. If you raced, take it off or do a few. If you didn’t race, up to 12 (they build on you). We’ll still meet at Lakeshore and Leslie at 6:05 for drills, 6:15 GO.


See you all soon!!!!