Good ol’ days

Hi Everyone!


Shout out to everyone who came out to cheer and run the Longest Day Ekiden last Tuesday! And I believe we had a bunch who ran/celebrated the Pride 5K. I won’t call out names bc it’s too many, but way to get out there everyone!


I’ve been thinking about this. How sometimes as we get older, it feels like life is passing us by. As our devices serve up “memories” there is an increasing sense of nostalgia for all the events we’ve done and experiences we’ve created. And it’s true. As we get older we DO develop an increasing bank of memories and experiences behind us. I remember a line by Andy in The Office, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days, before you’ve actually left them”.  But my point is, they’re ALWAYS the good old days if we keep doing the things and creating the experiences. It’s true that one day we will run our last marathon, and we probably won’t know at the time that it is our last. At one point we’ll just keep saying “no thanks” and will never do one again. It won’t be sad in the moment – but one day we’ll look back and think “I used to do that”. Maybe. Or we’ll keep going. 15 years ago marked my last track race until this year. I don’t recall the last race I ran before I hung up my spikes – I didn’t plan not to run one for 15 years. It wasn’t momentous. I just stopped saying yes to them. And after this season it’s very possible I’ll never run another one. Sometimes we just change directions and don’t really notice until we look back. But if we want to remain engaged and want to continue creating these types of experiences, we need to remember to say yes to things that matter to us. Many of us are past our PB days (many aren’t though and go you guys!) But most of us are not in it for the glory or the accolades or the medals. We do it because this is our expression of living and experiencing our lives, and sharing it with others. I think this is why I love seeing people sign up for races and do the hard things. You’re not on your couch looking at memories – you’re out there creating them. We are in the “good old days” right now! Let’s enjoy them 


On to tomorrow’s workout – back to Riverdale (short) hills! + Tempo!

Let’s do this one again – it was a toughie but goodie:

Up to 3 sets of 3 x Riverdale Hill (hard up, easy down), 2 min rest, 4 min tempo. 1-2 min rest, repeat.

I’ll be at the hill at 6:05 for drills, 6:15 GO. (am racing tonight so TBD if I do the workout or cheer)

Beach Crew meet at Glen Manor and Queen at 6:00 am.


See you in the am!