Behind the scenes

Hi Everyone!


Congrats to all of us who did triathlons this past weekend! Shauna, Tanis and Madalyn in the TTF sprint tri where they all seriously killed it. And at Ironman Lake Placid – Nir Meltzer, Chris Robinson, Eleanor Colledge, Carolyn Steele-Gray, Jon McRea, David Steinberg, Adam Nicklin, and I all rocked it (because there is only rocking it) and we are all IRONMEN!!!! I was so so grateful for all of my crew who convinced me to get off the fence and sign up and trained, traveled and competed with me on this journey. It would not have been the same alone! (in fact I wouldn’t have done it)


What I’ve been thinking about is how much our personal support crews and race volunteers play a role in our athletic endeavours. I just wanted to pause and reflect on this. From our family members and loved ones and friends who support us with emotional support and cheers and positive words and encouragement through all of the training, the teammates who train with us, whether they’re doing the race or not, the family members who accept that this is part of who we are and don’t complain that we’re tired all the time because of something we’ve imposed on ourselves, the friends and family who happily come along and help us with gear and logistics, the volunteers who point us where to go, the volunteers who feed and water us and tell us to keep going, the crowds who line the roads and cheer and cheer and cheer, even though they don’t know us, the volunteers who catch us at the finish line and make sure we’re ok, the family members and loved ones who patiently look after our post-race zombie selves. All of this is what has stood out for me in this training cycle and event. I think: “I’m just doing this little personal challenge – why do all of these generous people, friends and strangers, care so much and want to help me?” It is extremely touching and emotional to experience. So I just wanted to reflect on all that goes on behind these races, and I will continue to do my best to support and encourage others in their journeys, to cheer on random runners and they do their thing, to show up at races to help out and I will try to volunteer more at events. All of that “behind the scenes” is really where we see the selfless beautiful side of humanity. It is good for the soul to witness and experience it.


On to tomorrow’s workout! We’re back to Lakeshore. I will be there and will cheer you all on!!! 6:05 drills, 6:15 Go Time!


  1. 3-4 sets of 4 x 400 with 1 min between reps, 3 mins between sets. I would pace these closer to 8K than 5K to start, especially if doing 4 sets. This is more of a strength workout than a speed workout. Think of them as broken up miles. If you go out too fast, you won’t complete 4 sets. If you’re training for a 5K/10K, that is fine – do 3 sets faster. If you’re training for a fall marathon, you want the strength/endurance component.


  1. If doing these fartlek style, 4 sets of 4 x 1:30 Hard, 1 min Easy with 3 min Easy between sets.


Can’t wait to see you all in the am!