Hi Everyone!


I don’t think anyone raced this past weekend. Quite a few are racing this weekend – either the TTF Triathlon or the Lake Placid Ironman. Wohoo!!! Let’s go multi-sporters!


I’ve been thinking about some of what draws us to big challenges and to test ourselves in areas where we are not sure of the outcome. I believe that a big part of the draw is curiosity. I was listening to a podcast talking about the trait of curiosity and how it’s in dangerous decline. Why develop curiosity when google holds every answer you ever needed at your fingertips? We are surrounded by answers and instant gratification and the comfort of predictability. These days we rarely explore anywhere or anything without being armed with reviews, google maps and photos so we know exactly what to expect. That’s comforting. But it doesn’t challenge us or make us learn or grow. And it doesn’t really excite us.


Having a curious mindset is something that can be developed. Many of the smartest people we know are really the ones who were the most curious and followed where their curiosity led them. We can also learn to get comfortable seeking the unknown. I do think this trait of curiosity is what many of us are displaying when we enter races. If we knew the exact formulas that would predict precise outcomes, there would be no point in going and doing it. But winners in races are never guaranteed, and what we’re able to do on race day is an open question – no coach will tell you any differently. We can prepare as best we can, but no one can tell you what will happen on race day. This is a good thing! Expectations can be stifling, but curiosity is exciting. What are you capable of? How will you deal with adverse situations as they arise? What will the outcome be? No one knows! That’s the fun of it all! So as you approach your upcoming races, try to cultivate that curious and interested mindset. You can be confident that you’re prepared, but still maintain open curiosity about the experience. Races are beautiful mysteries which you uncover in real time. What can be better than that?


Workout for tomorrow – back to Pottery Rd hills/tempo!

I’m liking this combo – I know it’s not easy, but it packs a punch fitness wise. Remember: it’s JUST training! Workouts are not a test – it’s just practice. I’ll mix it up a bit from last time. Let’s do:

 2 sets of 3 x hill with 4 min tempo. Take 2 minutes after the hills before launching into tempo. After the tempo, you can do directly into an easy jog back down the hill for set #2.


I will jog up but won’t partake in the hills. But I will cheer you on!


TTF people: no hills for you. For you I would suggest something like 4-5 x 3 minutes at 10K Tri Race Pace with 1:30 easy.


See you there at some point in the am – just get going when you get there!

(Beach crew, please coordinate amongst yourselves)