Feb 11, 2020 – Congrats Donna Half Marathoners!

Hi Everyone!


No longer format email today. I’ll just update us all with results from the Donna Half Marathon in Jacksonville Florida this weekend where a crew from LES showed up in force!


I won’t rhyme out all time results – some of us were using this as a fun long training run, others as a “training through” hard effort, and others as a launching point to start training. But we did take up quite a lot of space on the podium!


Of note:

2nd overall – Seanna Robinson

2nd Master – Elizabeth Gladney

3rd Master – Amanda Bugatto

1st in age group – Laura Gage

3rd in age group – Tanis Feasby

4th in age group – Erin Smyth


Awesome job everyone and thanks for all our team mates at home for your cheers and support – we felt it!!!


Also, shirts and singlets ARE IN! I will send out a separate note on how to get them to you.


Ok, for tomorrow, we’re back to hills. Let’s go back to repeats of one long, one short. Aim for maybe one more set than you did last time.


People who raced, no hills. I will jog up to say hi and cheer you on.


See you guys in the a.m.!