Feb 18, 2020 – Fun!

Hey Guys!


Hope everyone had a great Family Day long weekend. This Family Day weekend got me to thinking about “fun” and what we do for “fun”. My kids’ idea of fun is to ski downhills fast, preferably over various obstacles. My idea of fun is to ski along flat surfaces, propelled by my own power, with some up and downhills thrown in for good measure. My husband’s idea of fun is to do that times 10. We’ve all found our things which bring us enjoyment and we do that, and we respect each others’ own versions of fun, even though we don’t personally get it.


I like to take the same approach to running. I really do do this because I find it fun, and I think most of us are the same. But what’s fun for someone might not always be fun for someone else and what’s fun at one point might not be another time. Racing is fun for me when I’m feeling fit and not stressed out. It’s not fun when I’m not ready or feel like I’m being judged.  Running hard is fun when I feel well rested and in control and ready to challenge myself. It’s not fun when I feel pressured to hit goals I’m not sure I can do, or if I’m tired and not mentally into it. Going for easy runs is fun with good friends and good company. It’s not always fun when it’s cold and I’m tired and alone.


Running is never fun when it hurts. If you’re injured or in pain, it is not fun. It is also not fun when it’s stressful – if you are constantly judging or criticizing yourself. Zero fun.


Working hard towards a goal is usually fun for most of us. But it can be a fine line. If we realize we’ve bitten off more than we can chew or if it’s taking away too much from the rest of our lives or if we’re simply exhausted or in pain it becomes not fun at all.


No easy answers here. Like most things, self awareness helps. Ask yourself now and then whether you are having fun. If not, try tweaking something here or there. Change a goal, change a routine, take a break. Remember – this is what we do for FUN. Not every aspect will always be fun, obviously, but let’s try to keep the scales tipped mostly that way.


For tomorrow:

2 x 1200 w 2 min rest (so that’s one straightaway and a half – I’ll have a cone at the 400m mark)

4 min rest

3-4 x 800 w 90 sec rest



I just looked and it looks like rain until this evening and then freezing temps. Let’s hope our path has ok footing. As always, we’ll play it by ear and be flexible if it’s dodgy.


See ya in the a.m.!