Going with the Flow

Hi Everyone!


Well, the cold is back. We knew it would come back eventually. Remember to bundle up accordingly! My weapon of choice this winter is going to be wool socks. Numb feet can make for a miserable run.


What I’ve been thinking of recently is accepting the moment we’re in. When we get to January and the New Year, we will all experience the “Fresh Start Effect”. This refers to the psychological effect of having landmarks which can make us feel like a new person and allow us reimagine ourselves. It happens to baseball players when they change leagues (documented by Michael Lewis), it occurs on birthdays and during any landmark dates – and particularly for our culture, January 1st. There is an energy that comes with this effect, and a renewing of goals and values. Who do we want to be? What do we want to do? How will we get there? It’s exciting and motivating. And in all likelihood we will all experience this to a degree and benefit from its effects in a few weeks.


But we are not there yet. We’re still in December. And there seems to be a lot of non-running related energy which is being demanded of us right now. I’m feeling that! And what I was thinking was, it’s ok to be in the moment now. Goals are by definition forward looking. They are living in the future. That is fine, and has a place, but always striving for a goal inherently pulls you out of living in the moment you’re in. We know that is coming. So for now, and the rest of December, it’s ok and maybe even for the best to pay more attention to the present. I find that when I’m locked into a goal I can become selfish in my priorities. December is a good time to devote your energy to others, not put your training needs first, and accept and honour the fatigue and forced rest that comes from non-training things that fill up other buckets. There are currents of energy which happen naturally at various times. Instead of fighting them, we are best off if we can flow with them. If you’re being pulled in many directions right now and have a To-Do list a mile long, that’s pretty normal for this time of year. Instead of fighting it to exhaustion and forcing your usual mileage and workouts and strength, just relax and let the current take you where it does. We know it will release us and change direction in January – as it always does. So it’s ok to wait for that moment before you start paddling and using that energy to your advantage. And isn’t that the basic principle of all endurance sports? Conserve as much energy as you can until you can use it when it will count most. It makes sense!


On to tomorrow’s workout – we’re back to Pottery Road Hills!


Nothing fancy here. Let’s just get some steady hills in so those muscles remember how to do it. Pick a number that works for you and steady up, easy down.


I’ll aim to be there around 6:20-ish, but just start whenever you get there.


Beach ppl coordinate w Tanis.


Thanks all – see some of you in the am!