Gratitude and Growth

Hi Everyone!


Hey, guess what? Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year – the Winter Solstice. Pretty soon we will start noticing days getting longer and a little more sunlight hitting our eyes. And some people even love the dark! It brings about changes of energy which sometimes we need in our lives. More sleep and fewer activities can have a regenerating place. We are on our way back to more light and less quiet indoor time, so let’s accept where we are for now. Meanwhile, keep wearing your lights and taking your Vitamin D. Those are the two best counter measures to the dark that I know.


What I really wanted to mention today is how grateful I am for this crew. Thank-you all so much for the super generous gift. Wow. As I mentioned to those of you who were there when you presented it, I think I get too much credit for this group because I’ve just been lucky that inspiring, hardworking, generous people have invited other people of the same nature. I truly believe that the biggest benefit of being part of this crew is the connection with everyone else. So thank you for being those people!


Also, thank-you all for trusting me and following me on this journey. Last year I decided to go “all in” with coaching, and I am truly loving it. Everyone is such an interesting and unique puzzle or story, and I love figuring it out and being part of it with you. I recently took a personality quiz as part of an Athletics Canada coaching program, and after a bazillion questions, my main personality type was revealed as “Growth Seeker”. I feel that captures me well, and again, I am grateful for all of you guinea pigs who willingly take on the new things I’ve learned about or want to try! I will never say “I have all the answers”. But I will always say “Let’s try this…”. And I’m always happy to be challenged, questioned or used as a sounding board. We all only want each others’ success, and it’s so much more fun and rewarding to go for it together. So here’s to another year seeking growth and learning together!


Tomorrow – last workout before I’m on holiday for a couple of weeks. (I’ll send you guys options when I’m away): Lakeshore and Leslie – 6:05 drills, 6:15 GO time!


2 sets of 2 x 400 medium fast-ish (8K/10K-ish pace) – 400 cruise (tempo-ish). 1 set will be 1 mile. 1:30 between sets

            Jog down to 200m

            2-4 x 200 fast/200 cruise


If doing this by time:  2 x (2 x 1:30 fast/1:30 medium) – 1:30 between sets

                                    4 min easy jog

                                    2-4 x 30 sec fast/30 sec cruise


This workout gets our speed wheels turning without straining for too long, while also keeping it moving to touch on a threshold stimulus. Just touching on a bit of everything to maintain access without too much strain for now. (I also have a feeling this workout will creep up on us)


See you in the am!!!