July 14, 2020 – Nature Bathing

Hi Everyone!


Looks like we’ll be getting a small reprieve from the heat this week. Let’s enjoy it!


One thing I was thinking about this week was making the most of our surroundings in nature. There are not many months here in Canada where we have everything in full bloom and growth mode. We have probably close to two months until it starts making changes to retreat for winter. Nature in fall and winter is beautiful too, but there is something about the energy we get from it all in full bloom mode. Studies have been done that show that our brain waves become more relaxed and less anxious when we are exposed to the colours, patterns, textures and smells in nature. In Japan they even have a type of therapy called “Forest Bathing” where they immerse themselves in the woods for hours to help them feel better physically and mentally.  So my thinking is, why not try to soak up and absorb as much of that as we can while we have it? We are lucky to have so many parks and trees and water around us. My challenge for all of you over the next few weeks is to try to be aware of all of this as much as you can while you’re out running – and appreciate it. As much as you can, try to notice the different leaves on trees, the sounds of birds, the patterns of branches, the colours of flowers, the smells of grasses. It’s doing good things for your mind and body, and given our climate, our ability to really “bathe” in it won’t last too long!


Workout options for this week:


  1. As always, Hills if you haven’t done them in the past two weeks or so (any mix of long and short – keep those muscles from going dormant!)
  2. 4 x 800 w 1:45 rest then 4 min rest, then 1-2 sets of 4 x 400 w 1:15 rest/4 min bw sets
  3. Brazilian circuits: on a field or stretch of about 100m, do 20 mins of running hard from one end to another followed by 1 min of exercises (ref Kerry’s July challenge for ideas)
  4. Tempo: EITHER 2 x 15 min w 3 min easy OR 2 x 4-3-2-1 min tempo w 1 min rest (3 min bw sets)

Have a good one!