July 21, 2020 – Self Compassion

Hi Everyone!

It’s funny – I always think I don’t have anything to write but then I think: I WAS contemplating something. What I’ve been thinking about this week is self-compassion. I’m not in regular contact with everyone one this list, but based on my sample set who I am more regularly in touch with, I would say we could all use a little more self-compassion.

We are used to being tough on ourselves and strict taskmasters. Let’s be honest – not that many people run marathons, train through the heat whether they have an upcoming race or not, get up at the crack of dawn in all types of weather to push themselves, while simultaneously working and being a support for others in their lives. Most of us in this group do these types of things, and we really do enjoy it. But the trick is to be able to get ourselves to do hard things, while maintaining an element of self-compassion. So many times I hear people being hard on themselves and disappointed in themselves, and I just want to wrap you all in a big hug and say “you are amazing! Be kind to yourself!”

I know many of us have unkind, judgmental inner voices which we direct at ourselves. I would love to be there to deflect these for you, but I’m probably not privy to at least 90% of them. We need to learn to treat ourselves as we would a good friend, or our kids when they’re struggling. Self-compassion doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook – it means being on your own side. You can still be firm and demanding of yourself, but in a kind and supportive way. You would never get mad at a kid or friend if they failed at something. You would tell them you love them and remind them of all the great qualities they have and of all the times they’ve succeeded. Then, you would probably try to help set them up to achieve their goals next time. And that is exactly how we should try to talk to ourselves: include a good dose of self-love when setting out to do something, and maintain that love whether it goes as planned or not.

Please don’t forget to do that – for me. It will make me feel better because I think you’re all awesome, wonderful people who are doing your best and doing it well, and I love you!


Ok, onto workout options for this week:

  1. 4×1000 with 2 min rec; 4 min rec; 4-5 x 400 w 1:30 rec (I’ll bring a cone for the 400 mark and leave it there until the last group is done. Each 1000 will look a bit different ie. 800/200, 600/400, 400/600, etc. Might be nice to mix it up that way)
  2. Same-ish thing but fartlek style: 4 x 4 min Hard w 2 min easy, 4 min easy, 4-5 x 1:30 Hard w 1:30 easy (Note: this is a good one for water running as well – just halve the rest)
  3. Tempo: 3 x 10 min tempo w 3 min easy + strides
  4. Mix of hills! If doing Pottery try half your regular amount, then jog a couple km’s to Riverdale and do 3-4 of those. If in the Beach, do some longer then shorter ones. Keeps all those neuromuscular settings awake and firing!


Here is our form for meeting for workouts. Let ppl know what you’re doing so they can join. I’m floating back to early start times but not everyone is up for that and it’s ALWAYS easier with others!