July 28, 2020 – Sharing our energy

Hi Gang!


We have come a long way in running and life since COVID started 4 months ago. We’ve challenged ourselves, held it together, kept up what we’ve known will keep us going and moving forward. We’ve done this by ourselves for the most part, each of us making it work the best way we know how. I think it will be a long time before things go back to how they were (if they ever do), but one thing we are able to start experiencing more now is the power of small group dynamics. We are all individually strong people, so it’s easy to put our heads down and find a routine and think “I’m fine on my own”. But there is something about sharing the energy of other people that really gives you that extra boost. I have noticed this over the last few weeks as I’ve slowly started getting together with small groups – socially and for exercise. I don’t have to bring all of the energy myself – I know I can just show up and it will be shared from others. I can rely on others to pull me along where I would likely stop on my own. We give each other looks (of determination, strain, effort, relief, contentment), and we feel supported. It’s more than a written word of acknowledgement – it’s a shared experience which really makes so much of what we do more meaningful.  

So that is my 2-cents for this week. If you’ve been functioning well in isolation, major kudos. But there is a huge untapped energy source out there waiting for you and that is other people. If you feel comfortable and are safe about it, then go and use it. You’ll likely also receive a huge jolt of gratitude for something we once took for granted. 


Ok, onto this week’s workouts. Holy hell it’s been hot! Am I the only one who has been suffering majorly in last week’s heat? Luckily I think it’s going to cool down a tad over the next little while. So here are our options for this week’s workouts: 

  1. 3 x 800 @5K pace w 2 min rec; 4 min rec; 6-8 x 400 w 1:30 rec (a bit faster) 
  2. Fartlek option: 3 x 3 mins Hard, 2 min easy, (4 min easy) 6-8 x 1:30 Hard, 1:30 easy 
  3. Fartlek option 2: 10 x 1 min On, 1 min Off – this is just such a good one to get legs moving if it’s been a while since you’ve done a speedier workout 
  4. Hills (ALWAYS on the menu – try to throw them in every 3rd week or so) 
  5. Tempo: 3 x 12 min tempo, 2 min easy (this one is longer so make your tempo pace 10 sec per km slower than usual – working a different fitness angle)