It’s the second week of February – the deepest we can get into the depths of winter, and I find myself uncharacteristically unmotivated to run.  At least to run early and long and hard.  My last two mornings have been a struggle to wake up at 5, and on one day I actually didn’t and had to make-do with an emergency lunch time run from work.  I’m checking myself for all possible reasons:

  • Am I tired from my 70 mile week last week?
  • Am I unable to enjoy my runs anymore while struggling with windchill and freezing skin?
  • Am I still recovering from my lingering cold?
  • Am I … Bored???

Luckily I’ve had a few crutches to turn things around.  One was that my kids stayed at my in-laws last night, so my husband and I took the opportunity to go out.  Here’s some of what I had…

Very yummy.  I find when you indulge it allows you to recharge your batteries and ask more of yourself later.  You have to relax and be good to yourself sometimes.  If life is always testing your will power and limits then you won’t have a difference between “on” and “off” and it all becomes a slow grind.  Work hard, play hard.  They complement each other.

The other thing that helped was meeting my very loyal group for my Wednesday workout this morning.  I had to go earlier in order to get to an early breakfast meeting, but knowing they’d be there doing the same thing got me out the door at my planned time for the first time this week.

Here’s a look at them in action – Hills – (I’m so proud!!!)

(I apologize for the pics – I was a bit shaky from having just done 8×400 m hills at 5 a.m.!)

And this is me and my MOST loyal running buddy – at any time. My sister Tanis.  She tells me I’m crazy all the time but then shows up and gives ‘er and I’m always impressed.  Just LOOK how happy we are at 5 a.m. in -12C weather.  I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

SO, I’m hoping this little lull in motivation has been just a little lull and I’ve shaken myself out of it.  I have my alarm set for tomorrow morning – here’s hoping I get my stride back!


How do you keep yourself going when your motivation lags?  Any good tricks to share?