Snow Run

Just a quick update on my long run this a.m.  Just realized I only have one more (next week) before I need to start taking it down for the marathon.  This one was a bit more about quality than quantity.  I was going for 1hr 45 min, with the last 45 min being tempo.  As those of you living in the Toronto area know, we’ve just had a ridiculous snow storm with around 30 cm of freshly fallen, sporadically shoveled snow.  So I did my first 55 minutes outside, contending with hurdles at every sidewalk break.

Typical snowbank of which I scaled about 30+ in that 55 mins – Hip Flexors!!!

Normally I say under these conditions, it’s effort, not pace that matters, but I really couldn’t get a quality tempo effort in, so I ended my run with 50 minutes here:

I averaged 6:35 miles for 7 miles.  That’s the English Premiere League I was watching.  My gym had a very sparse selection of channels that early on a weekend morning, and the boy-band videos I was watching made me think I was more tired than I was and I realized they were making me want to stop.  Things got better when I switched to soccer.

Total: 16.5 miles

Next up: my interview with a good friend, very accomplished runner and super cool lady.  Check it out in the next post…