To The Races!

So I’ve just registered for the Catalina Marathon on March 9th (off the southern coast of California).  Why this race?  Is it a fast course guaranteed for a fast time?  Is it a convenient location which is easy to get to?  Does it fit well into my training plan timing-wise?  None of the above.  I’m doing it because it fits well into my life.  My husband will get to surf/paddle in the area and my kids will be on March Break so we’re making it a family trip.  It will start with the marathon and end with a week of camping/exploring/surfing down the California coast.  I can’t think of a more fun sounding vacation!  I will be treating the marathon as a much needed (and exceedingly rare in my schedule) long run in the lead up to my main goal race – Around The Bay 30K on March 24th.  Is an uphill marathon three weeks out the ideal prep for that race?  Probably not, but as I said – it fits my life.

Here is a map of the Catalina Marathon course:

Here is the course elevation (YIKES!):


And just to confirm that I won’t be setting any PB’s, here are the course records:

Men: 2:39:58

Women: 3:07:00

So basically I’ll be doubling the amount of time I’ve spent on my legs in one running session up to that point.  Unless I get in some emergency long runs between now and then which I’m now planning on doing.  My overall mileage and consistency are good – I’m planning on hitting 70 miles this week and I’m on day three at 31 miles which includes a good quality session of mile repeats.  It’s just the long runs I’m having trouble fitting in.  They just take so much time!!!!  Hopefully this race registration is the kick in the pants I needed to make them happen.